Celebrity Deathmatch: Mon Tulfo vs Raymart Santiago

Radio and TV host Mon Tulfo and Kapuso actor Raymart Santiago were involved in a brawl at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 last Sunday, May 6.

According to reports the commotion started when Tulfo saw Claudine going ballistic over her missing baggage. The couple arrived at the NAIA after a vacation in Boracay. Claudine was reportedly pissed-off and started scolding and cursing a Cebu Pacific staff.

Mon Tulfo, who came from Davao on the other hand, saw Claudine’s flare up and started to take a video using his camera phone. Raymart approached the tv host and then a fist fight staretd, which according to reports, also involved Claudine and their entourage.

Here’s the video of Mon Tulfo vs Raymart Santiago in the real-life version of Celebrity Deathmatch:

One response to “Celebrity Deathmatch: Mon Tulfo vs Raymart Santiago

  1. I don’t like to take sides on this issue. I will let the court decide. It’s hard to conclude who among the two parties is telling the truth.Out of this event, I just noticed something. It looks to me that Filipinos are too busy in responding to this issue. But hey, this is already an alarming state, are we still productive at work?

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