Local showbiz’s baby boom

While almost everybody was talking about the muddled case and controversial death of struggling actor Ram Revilla and the deteriorating health condition of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the countless charges filed against her, a rather good news came via caesarian section.

First-time mother Andi Eigenmann gave birth to Adrianna Gabriellie, a baby girl on Nov. 23. Andi’s bundle of joy is named after the role she played in the now defunct drama series, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.

The pregnancy that made rounds on the World Wide Web and landed on the front-page of every newspaper (either tabloid or broadsheet) came as a surprise not just to the Eigenmann clan but also the fans of the Agua Bendita star. Because the pregnancy was not really expected it made the public even more apt to talk about it. Sure it’s not an immaculate conception as Andi already named Albie Casiño as the father. But Albie is not too sure that’s why he demands DNA testing, which Jaclyn Jose (Andi’s mother) would rather put as their family’s least priority. In that sense, Gabriellie will not take Casiño as her surname. You see, that is how interesting and popular local showbiz is. We just hope contraceptives are also popular among young celebrities.

Meanwhile, a few weeks earlier on Nov. 8, songbird Regine Velasquez also gave birth to a baby boy via caesarian section. The pregnancy was also unexpected because Regine is nearing menopausal stage. The child, who is Regine’s first and Ogie Alcasid’s third, is named Nathaniel James. The baby, who is only a few weeks old at the moment, shows significant signs that he is ready to follow in the footsteps of his parents.

A few hours when Ogie announced the birth of Baby Nate, who weighed 4.4 pounds, he became a trending topic on Twitter. That’s an incredible feat for a one-day-old baby, right?

One response to “Local showbiz’s baby boom

  1. its so cute…congrats to miss andi… we love you

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