Alden Richards takes commitment to health and wellness to next level

Kapuso actor Alden Richards has partnered with BFCLab, one of the biggest health and wellness supplement manufacturers in the country. With this partnership, the Asia’s Multimedia Star takes his commitment to health and wellness to the next level by becoming Cosmo Cee’s latest brand ambassador.

Alden Richards as the face of Cosmo Cee

Richard’s dedication to living a balanced and authentic lifestyle seamlessly complements Cosmo Cee’s mission of celebrating health as the foundation of happiness.

“I have been taking CosmoCee as a supplement for a year now. It has enabled me to fortify my own self and maintain my energy levels and immunity that we’re necessary for my very busy lifestyle,” says Richards who has long been a user of CosmoCee and credits the supplements for his extra energy and extra immunity levels, which give him the ability to power through the day.

As a passionate supporter of innovative, local products that enable a more active and energized life, it was a natural alignment for Richards to take on the role and showcase the incredible benefits of Cosmo Cee.

“I believe in the science behind the brand and with a career that demands a lot, and especially in today’s Pandemic Situation, taking extra care and boosting the immunity is very essential. It fits perfectly within my ethos of leading an active healthy life of well-being.” Richards concludes.

Alden Richards (center) with BFCLab founders
Nino Bautista (left) and Red Gatus

Cosmo Cee is the only Vitamin C formula in the Philippine Market that is formulated Citrus Bioflavonoids plus Sodium Ascorbate. These forms of Vitamin C are all Natural-Non Synthetic and Non Acidic.

“With the growing number of people infected by COVID-19, our risk of developing health issues increases significantly. Many of the people don’t, or can’t, meet the recommended healthy diet and exercise guidelines. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, CosmoCee represents a very promising complementary strategy for supporting Immune System and boosting one’s energy,” BFCLab founder Nino Bautista says.

“It is very important that we take our health very seriously, now, more than ever, I’m sure people truly understand that health is wealth, its the basic foundation of happiness,” co-founder Red Gatus adds.

Cosmo Cee is Available in all Watsons, Mercury Drug and other Leading Drugstores Nationwide, people can also easily order online via To know more about Cosmo Cee Follow Social Media Pages:; Instagram: @cosmocee; and Twitter: @cosmoceevitamin

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