Matteo Guidicelli is Sarah Geronimo’s priority

It’s true that after you get married the way you make decisions changes to a large extent. And Sarah Geronimo, who exchanged I dos with Matteo Guidicelli in a simple yet very controversial fashion early this year, can attest to that.

Sarah Geronimo pregnant

In a virtual event where the pop queen was launched as the new face of Filipino vitamin brand, Fern C, Sarah was all smiles and didn’t hold back when it came to answering questions thrown at her by program host, Issa Litton.

Pop star Sarah Geronimo Guidicelli scores a new
endorsement deal that allows her to promote good health. 

At the start of the Q and A, the singer and actress, who celebrated her 32nd birthday with her husband in an exclusive luxury resort in Palawan, introduced herself as “Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli” with a big grin on her face. It prompted the host to ask “How’s married life?”

Masarap po, masaya. There are adjustments that I have to make because you’re already sharing your life with someone. Last Saturday, I just celebrated my 32nd birthday,” she said alluding to her weekend getaway with her husband which Vicky Belo called a delayed honeymoon for the couple.

Meanwhile, Sarah considers her new endorsement “a blessing” because, despite the ongoing health crisis, she’s able to score a project that she can use as a platform to promote good health. And speaking of COVID-19, Sarah shared how she clearly sets her priorities during this period.

“Of course, may asawa na po tayo, eh priority na po natin ang asawa na po natin. I mean, I don’t just give my health utmost priority, I also think about the health of people around me especially my husband. When you are taking care of a family, it’s important that you are healthy so you can better protect the people that you love,” she pointed out.

She added that being with someone she can call her family is really what she’s thankful for. It’s where she draws inspiration from. It keeps her stay motivated.“Especially ngayon, pinagpapasalamat ko ‘yung life na binigay ng Panginoon and also pinag-papasalamat ko ‘yung life na binigay for my loved ones. I draw inspiration from that,” she shared.

The virtual event also had a mini-game portion where Sarah was asked a few questions about her everyday life. In one of the questions, she was asked what she normally eats for breakfast. She said “eggs!” to which the program host asked if she eats “silog.”

“Ay, sosyal po kasi ‘yung asawa ko, truffle eggs,” she said in jest. Issa Litton noted that it is widely known that Sarah is one of the most hard-working celebrities in the country. Her work ethics, easy attitude, and humility make it easier for people to work with her.

Sarah G with husband Matteo Guidicelli spent a sweet weekend
in a private luxury resort to celebrate her 32nd birthday. 

During the online presscon, Sarah G mentioned that she has the tendency to experience acid reflux. That is because her schedules can get hectic so she usually skips meals. She cannot take supplements like Ascorbic Acid because it can cause hyperacidity. “That’s why I’m thankful I can take Fern C even on an empty stomach,” Sarah said.

For Sharmaine Abarientos, the general manager of STADA, the pop star is the perfect celebrity endorser for Fern-C because she is the embodiment of a successful and busy person who wants to always boost her immunity by taking vitamins.“Both Sarah and Fern-C are the best in their fields because they are both established and have the desire to help more people improve their health and well-being,” Sarmiento said.

During the virtual event, a 30-second TVC was unveiled featuring Sarah G doing what she does best—singing and dancing.

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