GMA Entertainment offers all-access to all-exclusive online content via GETS

GMA Entertainment treats Kapuso fans to 24/7 access to free online content with the launch of ‘GETS’ this Sunday, August 2.GETS or GMA EntertainmenT Shows celebrates unique preferences of every individual to online entertainment. By logging on to, netizens are granted access to a myriad of options to watch, everything they love under one site.

Fans also get to build fun and loving friendships within an online community – sharing their passion, interest, and love for GMA Entertainment shows, as well as their favorite Kapuso celebrities.For its launch, GETS will live stream Kapuso viewers’ favorite Sunday habit – All-Out Sundays.

Join the online party at 12:45 p.m. and get ready to have fun with the brightest Kapuso stars. All-Out Sundays will also simultaneously stream on its official Facebook page, and GMA Network’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.Gets mo. Gets ko. GETS!

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