The “Fat and the Furious”

After the Purple Pig made headlines a few years ago, we have another swine creature that got the attention of the netizens due to his extreme sense of entitlement. Your Jaguar doesn’t give you the ticket to violate traffic rules and own the road, sir!

fat jaguar driver in BGC

The Jaguar’s driver got out and berated the video taker for blocking his path. “Ang luwag-luwag sa kanan eh!” he could be heard shouting.

A dashcam video, supposedly taken by one “PD CJ NL DeBelen” and shared by Top Gear Philippines, went viral early Friday morning, April 24. The driver of the car taking the video was cruising along the inner lane of a road in Bonfacio Global City when a black Jaguar counterflowed into the same lane.
Watch video here:

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