Kim Chiu’s Mr. Right

Hasn’t Kim Chiu found the love of her life? The perfect guy who she can call the icing on her cupcake?

Well, Kim’s love life may have been a hot topic but this question is not going down as another juicy detail of her romantic escapade. It’s just part of the song called “Mr. Right,” a single from her sophomore album that also features an updated version of “Crazy Love,” the single released eight years ago.

Is Xian Lim not Kim’s Mr. Right?

You read it right, her fans have finally convinced her to come up with a follow-up record to her debut album titled Gwa Ai Di released in 2007 and has turned gold.

According to the chinky-eyed actress, she did not write any of the songs in the new album but Star Music gave her the liberty to choose which song would be included in the final track listing.

In “Mr. Right,” the 25-year-old star posts questions intended to a person who is bringing joy and happy ending to her movie-like life. The music video, which features Xian Lim, is set in a cupcake shop where Kim plays the role of a waitress who is just looking for Mr. Right. Her love interest turns out to be an equally shy and nerdy guy played by her current onscreen partner.

Kim Chiu Sexy Bikini

When can we see Kim in a music video wearing like this one?

Star Music has not released the music video yet hence the growing anticipation to see the finished product is building up. More so when Kim recently announced that she has just finished shooting for another music video shot entirely in Subic. This video brings the summer feel as it features Kim in bikini tops and short skirts.

Kim Chiu releases second album

Indeed, Kim is really stepping up her game for the entertainment of her fans, but is the album really worth the wait?

Kim describes her new album as “light, cool and easy.” And the songs stay true to that description given that the lyric is very juvenile. It no longer matches Kim’s age as a matter of fact.

Kim is a lot of things (she is an actress, an endorser and a dancer) but a singer is not one of them. That, without even listening to the album, will tell you how the vocals, or lack thereof, makes it as nothing but a good souvenir item to all Kim Chiu fans. Their number is good enough to make this new album turn Gold or surpass the sales of its predecessor. Then again, having a second album doesn’t make one a legitimate recording star. Only blind patriotism will make Kim pass as a recording artist.

Best-selling CD

Maybe Kim Chiu’s brave attempt at recording music again was inspired by Daniel Padilla’s recent success. The “teen king,” who’s turning 20 years old this week, has just received the double-Platinum certification for his album billed I Heart You, which was released in April last year.

Daniel now has three double-Platinum record awards under his belt. And that happened amid continuous criticism on how terrible he is as a singer.

he sales milestone of Daniel’s third studio album was announced on Instagram by Roxy Santos, Star Records In-House Record Producer. He is the same person who announced that Kim’s album launch was sold out.

Daniel Padilla 2015

Meanwhile, Christian Bautista’s Soundtrack album that came out in November 2014 also received a certification from Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI).

Christian Bautista 2015

The crooner, known for his distinctive and pleasant vocals, managed to sell 7,500 copies of his latest album enough to receive the Gold record award. To date, the album is one of Christian’s worst performing albums. His Outbound (2011) and X-Plus (2012) didn’t manage to even get certified by PARI. For comparison, his debut album released in 2004 was 4x Platinum and his 2010 Christmas album was certified Diamond.

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