City Snappers in full force for Canon PhotoMarathon

IN AN array of 3000 photos, how can your photograph stand out and eventually win a photography competition?

The answer is very simple; avoid clichés and standout, the photo must make a strong impact at first glance. Stand out from the crowd by choosing compelling subjects, striking colors and unusual but strong composition. This is according to Jun Miranda, a member of Canon’s Crusaders of Light, a moniker given to the ambassadors to the camera brand.  

The Crusaders of Light served as the judges for the Canon PhotoMarathon 2014 held on Nov. 8 at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Canon Photo Marathon 2014

A total of 2000 amateur and professional photographers took their gear and snapped their best shots on the streets of BGC contending to take that winning photograph for the annual photo marathon.

Wearing the events official red shirt, the participants that gathered at High Street Amphitheater holding their cameras literally turned the venue into a sea of red. They posed from three group shots together with Canon Crusaders of Light before they headed on a mission to capture the best stories of the city using their camera lenses.

“When we had our first photo marathon in Intramuros in 2006, we had around 300 participants. Now this annual event has grown into a much-anticipated national event at least for photography aficionados,” Jill Santiago, Canon Marketing Manager, told the Standard Today.

The number of people attending the event positioned the brand as not just a camera manufacturer but an institution that engages people that share common passion.

The Canon PhotoMarathon has become a yearly activity organized by Canon Marketing Philippines, Inc. (CMPI) for users of its imaging products like Point-and-Shoot compact, DSLR and video cameras. It is basically an on-the-spot photography contests where participants are given themes to interpret through photography, with the resulting pictures are submitted for judging on the same day.

As a one-of-a-kind competition, it challenges the skills and creativity of different photographers in creating themed inspired photographic images under time pressure. Participants get to compete with other amateur photographers, hobbyist, enthusiasts, and professional photographers under strict contest rules and deadlines.

The images captured are subject to a panel of judges’ evaluation. The thematic creative instincts and the ability to work under tight timeline pressures will be thoroughly tested in this exciting and unique competition.

“We are looking forward to unleashing the potential of our participants. Whether hobbyists or professionals, we are highly encouraging more people to join and challenge themselves and realize how far their creativity can take them,” added the Canon official.

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