Can Kathryn Bernardo sing, really?

THERE aren’t too many big celebrities whose focus is on one area of the entertainment industry. A lot of the stars have dabbled in music, too. A case in point is Kathryn Bernardo.

Just last Friday, Kathryn had her final recording session for a self-titled debut album, which includes renditions of “Mr. DJ” and “Love Has Come My Way.”

On Nov. 5, Star Records made a slightly lackluster fanfare to tease fans via a lyric video of “You Don’t Know Me” released on its official YouTube channel. In less than 24 hours since it was shown publicly, the video garnered more than 100,000 views and almost 500,000 as of this writing.

Penned by budding songwriter Marion Aunor, the song is the carrier single of the album that also features a total of six songs including bonus tracks.

Interestingly, a lot of things have been said about how the teen star prepared for the album, how excited she is to finally realize a childhood dream and how supportive her mother studio is in making this project even possible. But not very much has been said about Kathryn´s voice. It was as if it were taken for granted or overlooked though an integral part of coming up with an album.

The song perfectly suits Kathryn’s voice. It allows her to hum the words and hit the notes comfortably. The expectations about her vocal ability are not that high though so we can still forgive the people who were behind this whole idea. We have seen Kathryn lip-synching numerous times on television but we have yet to hear her sing live. We will reserve our full judgment when that time comes.

Nonetheless, Kathryn deserves an album that her hardcore fans can consider as a souvenir from their idol. If Anne Curtis and Daniel Padilla were both able to sell thousands of CDs, Kathryn has all the right to have her own record as well. But she must prepare herself for the less kind words from legitimate music critics, who would frankly tell her that she’s better of as an actress.

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