People …are talking about Bong Revilla

Oopps...No it's not Bong Revilla but Vhong Navarro. See how popular his speech has become. Netizens were able to link it with Vhong's current predicament.

Oopps…No it’s not Bong Revilla but Vhong Navarro. See how popular his speech has become. Netizens were able to link it with Vhong’s current predicament.

Bong Revilla

WHO would believe an actor who can’t even perfect basic acting? Kap’s underwhelming display of wit and acting skill during his privilege speech at the Senate last Monday just validated what most people think about actors elected into public office. It’s a shame that showbiz personalities and government officials alike believed that Bong delivered his script to appeal to the masses in an unconvincing and unintelligible manner.

Bride for Rent

Star Cinema’s opening salvo for 2014 is a smashing hit after the romcom raked in more than P100 million at the tills. That’s the movie’s gross earning in just four days. This figure made the production outfit more optimistic that the Kim Chiu and Xian Lim starrer would break box-office records and join the ranks of highest grossing films like My Little Bossings and Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy.

Alden Richards

We often hear famous stars celebrate their birthday in a posh bar in Taguig or Makati, but the Kapuso star chose to have this special day spent in a rather unconventional way. The now 22-year-old Alden resolved to celebrate his birthday by giving to the less-fortunate kids. More than just “pogi points,” his act of generosity earns people’s respect and admiration.

…are not talking about

For real or for reel!?

For real or for reel!?

Angel Locsin

What’s the big fuzz in publicizing her love for a former flame? Are they going to have a movie together? Although Angel vehemently denied any gimmicks involved in professing her undying love for Luis Manzano, people are quick to judge that there’s something more than her romantic shoutout. Whilst most celebrities are mum on their romantic life, Angel and Luis are too vocal about their brewing affair, which isn’t normal for any celebrity couple.

Geoff Eigenmann

After getting a “fat memo” from network executives, the actor tried all sort of exercise regimens to be in better shape. And now that he has achieved his desired physique, he’s also trying to regain what he has lost together with the unwanted pounds—his showbiz career. Recently, he said he’d love to portray gay roles or take the same route Tom Rodriguez took to revive his fading star. Will this formula work for Geoff, too?

The Borrowed Wife

Some angry call center agents are calling for the boycott of this GMA-7 drama after an episode that depicted the BPO as an industry for people who lacked education. The offended party condemned the scriptwriters that discriminated a multi-billion industry they know nothing about. In fact, if these supposedly scriptwriters did a little research, they will be surprised that they themselves are not even qualified for an entry level posts in top BPO companies.

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