My simple nirvana

This blog is not a personal blog. I can’t even claim that every word in every article posted here is 100 percent mine. Nonetheless, I feel extremely proud of this simple nook in cyberspace as it turns 2 years old this month.

Without Wang2 (which I previously called CONUNDRUM and might call it THE NEWSPAPER BOY in the future) has been home to my published articles and to some entertainment news bits I feel interesting but didn’t find their way to the newsprint. I write for the Manila Standard Today for almost three years now. It is a dream come true for someone who started joining journalism classes and competitions since fourth grade. When I left school and worked in the United Arab Emirates, I thought this childhood dream will no longer be realized. But as the Law of Attraction says, “When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it (or something to that effect).”

Writing is my passion, I feel like in a different world every time my fingers are caressing Laetitia’s keyboard (I christened my laptop Laetitia, and she has a brother, a netbook, which I named Pentagon). And the writer’s block thing? It happens to me when I’m not using my own computer. I don’t know, I can’t extract any creative juice when I’m using a shared computer.

I hope to keep this blog for another year or so, or probably as long as I have the energy to do so and as long as I’m a media practitioner. Well, I guess this post is becoming a bit personal now. Should I say that it’s headed to this direction in the coming months? Let us see. Oh before I forget, this author and this blog would like to thank you for visiting this online space. As most people say – feel free to comment… happy reading!

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