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The beauty of waking up in the afternoon

Since I started writing for a national daily and working in a data processing center for a global bank, my life turned in full 360. I wake at around 1 pm, and on a daily basis, I eat my breakfast at around 2 pm, it’s when the family has just finished eating lunch. My own lunch is at 8 pm and my dinner comes at around 3 or 4 am. Sometimes, I just take a light snack or cook my favorite pancit canton paired with hardboiled eggs. You see, that’s a routine, unless I have an event to cover the next day because that means I have to alter my entire body clock. Continue reading

A year older, an inch smexier

I wish I were 19 again. That was my age when I made some crucial decisions that greatly influenced me as an average reasonable person. Those decisions, I realize, even guided me in landing on the right job that I love and enjoy. They even have a direct impact on how I deal with situations that confront me on a daily basis. Continue reading

After impressing Gaga, Maria Aragon meets DeGeneres

The local music circuit is full of activity and every concert venue, big and small, is being flocked by music aficionados. But this is not the biggest news on the music scene.

Our apologies to Sam Concepcion who opened the sold out concert of Taylor Swift last Saturday and to Christian Bautista whose Romance Revisited album has just been bestowed with a quadruple platinum award.

Yet, a 10-year-old kid tops all these buzz from the local showbiz circle. Lady Gaga personally invited her to be with her on stage in a concert in March in Toronto. Continue reading

My simple nirvana

This blog is not a personal blog. I can’t even claim that every word in every article posted here is 100 percent mine. Nonetheless, I feel extremely proud of this simple nook in cyberspace as it turns 2 years old this month. Continue reading