James Reid: the body of the century

How does matinee idol and Till I Met You star James Reid stay fit?

This is the question everybody started asking since the latest TVC for Century Tuna was unveiled. 

In the new commercial, which teaser was up on a giant tarp on Edsa a few weeks prior to the TVC’s official release, we see the 23-year-old actor coated with white paint-like liquid then his sculpted body is slowly revealed. The TVC, which revolves around the concept of metamorphosis, is still in line with the brand’s Superbod campaign that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

 MEN OF THE HOUR. Actor Paolo Avelino (left) brings out the swag with his Stylex Gel endorsement, while matinee idol James Reid (right) is launched as “The Body of the Century” by the leading tuna brand (Photos by Sonny Espiritu)

“It took me a month to prepare for the TVC. Because of my work commitment, I must admit that I gained weight a little. So, I had to do a rigid training at the gym for a month to achieve the body you see on the TVC,” James told Manila Standard.

But after a month of rigorous physical training that included lifting weights and closely watching his diet, the young actor went back to his normal routine, which basically eating healthy and hitting the gym at least two times a week.


“With my busy schedule, it takes a lot of discipline to stay in shape. My goal right now is not to build more muscle but just to maintain my physique. On a good week, going to the gym two or three times is enough for me to achieve this goal,” he said adding that his fellow Superbod ambassador Derek Ramsay is his ultimate fitness inspiration.

According to Greg Banzon, Century Tuna’s general manager, the new campaign exceeded their expectation with James on board. They are overwhelmed by the response of the public upon seeing the new ad.

“Our goal was to create a campaign that would go viral. We wanted to do a commercial that people would remember for many years, like Richard Gomez’s Bench commercial. Our target was to reach two million views on our Facebook page,” the Century Tuna official shared.

The head honcho was referring to the iconic and award-winning “Sculler” ad in 1991 featuring the then 23-year-old Gomez showing his rowing skills.

True enough, James and the brand’s hard work paid off because just a few days after the release of the commercial on Century Tuna’s Facebook page, it has already been viewed more than four million times and has produced an avalanche of social media memes and reactions. It made the people who worked behind the campaign believing that they’re able to achieve their goal and at the same time expand the product’s market.

“And interestingly, our guideline was to make the TVC appealing to women but not alienating to men. Based on our studies, 67 percent of Century Tuna shoppers are women, but with the TVC, the figures are different, 62 percent of those who viewed the commercial online, at least on our Facebook page, were men,” the official ended.

Dabbling between TV and film

Paolo Avelino constantly changes his look depending on the character he portrays. He does enjoy seeing himself playing different characters and personally sees to it that he is perfectly groomed based on what the role is asking for.


In the next couple of months, we are going to see Paolo playing different characters as he is currently juggling between television and the movies. In fact, in his recent public appearance as brand ambassador for a men’s hair styling brand, he had to leave immediately after a quick chat with the press because there’s another showbiz engagement that he had to attend to.

Paolo recently joined the cast of the Coco Martin starrer series, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. At the same time, he is taping for another TV series called The Promise of Forever that also stars Ejay Falcon and Ritz Azul.

“I’m going to add color and tension to the action drama. The exciting thing about my character is that, there’s more than what people normally think or know about him. And I’m just really excited to be part of the show because it’s my reunion project with Coco. It’s been three or four years since we last work together,” shared the 28-year-old Kapamilya actor during the Stylex Styling Gel press launch where he was introduced as brand ambassador.

For his film project, on the other hand, Paolo is working on the upcoming biopic, Goyong, which is based on the life of Gregorio del Pilar, one of the youngest generals in the Philippine Revolutionary Forces in the Philippine–American War.

“I can’t give you any details on that yet, but I can assure you that a teaser for the film will be released really soon,” he told the press.


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