A year older, an inch smexier

I wish I were 19 again. That was my age when I made some crucial decisions that greatly influenced me as an average reasonable person. Those decisions, I realize, even guided me in landing on the right job that I love and enjoy. They even have a direct impact on how I deal with situations that confront me on a daily basis.

I always wanted to be independent, so a few months after turning 19, I told my parents I would cross the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean via a 13-hour flight from Brunei to Abu Dhabi. They said no (of course), I didn’t react. Literally. I was mute for 1 week and didn’t sleep in my room. I lounged in the living room looking like a big mess until they allowed me to embark on this what I call a beautiful and a life-changing journey.

The arid state in the Middle East treated me well. I worked in a casual restaurant that serves American dishes. At first I was worried, afraid and excited at the same time. I was not concerned about leaving my homeland and family and friends behind. I was more wary about the food that I would have to eat for the next 3 years or so. My palate likes different flavors but Arabic and Indian cuisines are just not my fancy. But good thing, Abu Dhabi is a diverse city with many Filipinos and Filipino restos around.

The next happenings were a crazy mix of heartache, fun and adventure.  I won’t go into detail but let us say the experience is something that you can keep like an old letter which you can reread every time you want to smile and think about the stupid and the very stupid things you did in the past.

Then I went back to Manila. Pursued my education and worked hard. And it is gradually paying off.

Today, I have been living my childhood dream – I’m a journalist for a reputable paper. I also have a swell job that is always there to support my outings and vices apart from it also helps me pay my bills. And just recently I passed the licensure examination for real estate broker…this is the next field I want to venture into. I have not fully dipped my foot into the water but am very much looking forward to learn the ropes of the trade.

I am a better person now. I believe. And I wouldn’t be able to be in this position right now if I didn’t take that U-turn.

Moreover, I thank God for blessing me with a beautiful family, great friends, a supportive mentor and a wonderful special someone. At this point I can say the Law of Attraction works for me. I continuously believe that the universe has bigger things for me. You know, it’s like the tip of the iceberg. I’m already feeling it. I’m already thankful for it.

And what’s the deal with being smoking hot, smart and sexy (smexier, comparative degree)…that didn’t come from me. I just said it because it’s my birthday! So walang kokontra!

This is the closest I can get to my birthday suit.

7 responses to “A year older, an inch smexier

  1. Happy birthday Nickie. The abs is looking great. Keep it up and happy to know you have found a special someone.

  2. kaw na ang SMEXIER!Greatjob nico! am always proud of you!

  3. Weehhh! I wanna be 2 inches smexier, too! Happy birthday, Nix! Naintriga sila sa “I wouldn’t go into details” part. LOL

  4. Belated happy birthday! Go man, get your target to be: always feeling and looking 10 years younger- that’s my rule now soon as I turned ** .

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