No it’s not Al Galang…it’s Edward Mendez

There’s a new development in Vicki Belo-Hayden Kho split-up. No, it’s not a new statement from yoga instructor Al Galang. According to the grapevine, it’s not Al Galang who made Hayden extremely jealous but it’s actor-model Edward Mendez who serves as the director of Sexy Solutions,  a sister company of Belo Medical Group. Do you see the trend? After the one-time porn star Hayden, we have this yoga instructor, and then a fitness instructor. Vicki seems to love tall and hunky men who are also part-time exhibitionists – their half-naked pictures are all over the internet.

Fitness consultan Edward Mendez as the alleged beau of Vicki Belo

Edward Mendez bio via his FB page:

Edward is an actor, model, fitness & nutrition expert and budding author.

Edward Mendez was born in the Philippines and raised in Maryland, USA where he studied and accrued most of his knowledge and wisdom in precision training and optimum nutrition. His broad and deep understanding of sports science and medicine ignited the passion in him to help people achieve their best physique. He discovered a way to leverage the mission of that passion through his book titled, “Your Dream Body Come True”.

A Cancerian, Edward is 6’1” tall; weighs 182 lbs.; and wears large-size shirt, medium-size underwear and size-12 shoes. Are these the reasons why Hayden got jealous?

And here’s Vicki Belo’s kind of men:

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