David Archuleta from singer to missionary

American Idol runner up David Archuleta sings a Filipino love song in the soundtrack of a TV5, a mini-series Nandito Ako.

The primetime show, which also stars Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eulla Caballero, is David’s first acting project. 

According to TV5 executive Percy Intalan, Nandito Ako is a story about a Filipino-American who was born and raised in the Philippines until he was five-years old when he was separated from his mother (played by G. Toengi) in a hotel fire.

“After the incident, he moves to the United States then becomes an international singer. Years later, Josh (David’s character) returns to the Philippines to find out what really happened to his mother and also search for the little girl he encountered and befriended during the hotel fire,” Intalan narrated.

The singing star stayed in the Philippines for three weeks strictly just to video tape the mini-series.  Prior to his arrival, David had a special acting class in L.A., other than that he did not have any other preparation for the role since he is not required to speak in Tagalog.

In an interview with the ManilaStandardTODAY, the international star said that the mini-series is a once in a lifetime opportunity and since the taping will not affect his other engagements, he instantly said yes. Additionally, Nandito Ako will be one of the projects he is going to complete before embarking on an important mission. Another project is a new record, “an EP most likely.”

“I will be focusing on recording after this mini-series so I can release songs while I am gone, also to keep my connection with my fans because I feel like at this point, after years of doing this as a career, it’s only fair to leave something for them since they have been very supportive,” he gladly stated.

“The Crush” singer announced in December that he would to take a break from his singing career to serve a two-year proselytizing or service mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Every male member of the church is expected to serve 18 to 24-month religious missions.

“Two years will be really fast. It’s been four years since the American Idol. It’s an important decision that I want to do in my life. It is something that I consider a huge part of who I am and why I do things the way I do,” David said.

According to the singer, a lot of his friends who have been on a mission are coming back now, “You know, those teenage guys who were dumb when they were in high school are coming back now, and you will really see how the mission changed them.”

He furthered that he knows for a fact that it’s going to be a hard and humbling experience as he is going to be completely away from his family, but he wants to take advantage of the opportunity as he can no longer participate in the religious call when he turns 25.

“But like my friends and other missionaries, maybe I might be able to send messages to my family and to my fans. I think that’s possible,” he assured.

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