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Which movie topped 2013?

Sarah Geronimo John Lloyd Cruz movie 2013

IN A year packed with bold and independent films, yet again, a formula movie emerged as the most successful local flick in terms of box office revenues. Continue reading

Sarah G’s futuristic look on cover of Mega Magazine

MABUHAY ANG SARILING ATIN is Mega Magazine’s Our Pinoy Pride 2012 issue featuring pop star Sarah Geronimo on the cover. Sarah is wearing a collared white dress with metallic silver details that give it a futuristic touch.

The issue gives homage to Pinoy ingenuity in time for the Philippine Independence Day. Feature inside the magazine include indigenous fabrics, Pinoy dishes, the impeachment saga, and the magazine’s own global Pinoy list.

Photography Studio/Jun de Leon
Art direction Suki Salvador
Makeup Lala Flores
Styling Eldzs Mejia

John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo movie part 3

Any positive report about Sarah Geronimo is a beautiful music to the ears of Popsters, the official name of her fans club. And if the news that Sarah and John Lloyd Cruz movie were a song, it would have been a fast track ditty that calls for a celebration. Continue reading

Sarah Geronimo’s songs of heartaches

After one-and-a-half years since the release of the now multi-platinum record Music and Me, pop star and concert queen Sarah Geronimo is ready to deliver. She is finally back on the music scene with a more mature sound and a more personal CD.

Continue reading

Small stars play important roles

by Nickie Wang

To be a big star in showbiz is a test of patience. At the same time you also need some amount of luck to land on plum roles that can make your star shine brighter. And this is exactly what is happening to young stars Lauren Young, JM De Guzman and Enrique Gil. Continue reading

Sarah and Gerald’s Catch Me…I’m in Love earns P15M on its 1st day

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s first movie team-up earned a whooping P15 million when it opened in more than 100 theaters yesterday. This was confirmed by Star Cinema Booking and Distribution earlier this afternoon.

Catch Me…I’m in Love revolves around a simple girl named Roxanne (Sarah), who was assigned to look after the president’s stubborn and troublemaker son played by Gerald. Continue reading

Will Thia Megia be the next American Idol?

by Nickie Wang

Filipinos interest on the US talent show American Idol has been renewed after the inclusion of Thia Megia in its 10th edition’s top 13. Not only that she is the youngest in the new batch of AI hopefuls, she also makes history for being the first 15-year-old to enter the competition.

In the first three seasons, age limit was 16 to 24, then the upper limit was raised to 28 in season 4, and the lower limit was reduced to 15 in the current season. It is as if the universe conspires to make Thia, born Thialorei Lising Megia, to be part of the revamped talent search. Undeniably, she is a living proof that talent knows no age limit. Continue reading

Sarah Geronimo finally breaks her silence

Peopleare talking about

Sarah Geronimo

The actress and concert queen is featured on the cover of Yes! magazine’s March issue. The teaser says that she finally breaks her silence and speaks about her failed affair with Rayver Cruz. She also pours her heart out on the recent spat between her and Christine Reyes. When the rift between her and Cristine hit all the major dailies and tabloids in December, the singer was the only person who kept her silence. She didn’t drop a word unlike Christine who flooded Twitter with her outbursts. People agree that there is a right time and a right place for everyone and everything. Sarah waited for that. Continue reading

What are the brightest local celebs up to?

by Nickie Wang

Who are making waves in local tinseltown these days and what are brewing it the country’s big media networks?

Kristine Hermosa’s “I do” response to the question “Will you marry Oyo Boy Sotto” is to date her best gift to Dina Bonnevie and Vic Sotto’s unico hijo. The 26-year-old Oyo Boy, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, exchanged vows with Kristine in a very simple and private ceremony. This celebrity event is the first to add sparkle to other showbiz happenings that will take place in the coming days and weeks. Continue reading

Showbiz world in festive mood

by Nickie Wang

As soon as November waived goodbye and December delightedly came, parties are being held left and right. There are big ones like ABS-CBN and TV5 Christmas parties for the members of the press and there are also small ones that celebrated simple successes of some showbiz talents.

These parties also served as good venues to formally announce some good news. The most interesting sound byte so far is the onscreen paring of Gerald Anderson and the former Kapuso star Jewel Mische. StarStruck alumna, Jewel, is more recognizable as Richard Gutierrez’s former flame and someone who strikingly resembles KC Concepcion in photographs. Continue reading

Showbiz’ most stylish celebrities

by Nickie Wang

There are people who never run out of style no matter what the trend is; they eternally stand out and remain in. Similarly, this follows the idea that fashion trends change but styles remain timeless. So what would you rather be – stylish or fashionable?

During the first-ever Star Studio Celebrity Style Awards, popular names in the world of entertainment turned the red carpet at the Dusit Hotel Thani into a fashion runway as they walked and posed for the cameras in their most glamorous outfits.

Stars like Piolo Pascual, Ely Buendia, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Angel Aquino, and Sarah Geronimo were among the big winners that night. Voted by fans, they simply depict what star quality is and what it takes to be called stylish personalities in their own right. They were awarded Most Stylish Leading Man, Male Celebrity Style Icon, Female Celebrity Style Icon, Most Stylish Female Host, and Most Stylish Female Performer, respectively. Continue reading

Raunchy photo drags Mark Herras’ name

by Nickie Wang

In many parts of the world, social networking and micro blogging sites have become important tools in marketing because of their huge potential in reaching a great number of people. You see, they use these social media to become productive but the snag is that these sites are also exploited by some in their malicious attempt to tarnish someone else’s reputation without any clear motive. And most of the time, the culprits are difficult to locate or identify.

The latest victim of an online scandal is actor and dancer Mark Herras. The 23-year-old Kapuso talent recently became talk of the town after the search engine term “Mark Herras scandal” hit the web. The photos, which was first posted in a forum, were reposted in many blog sites and caused a lot of curious minds (especially those with filthy intentions) to probe more. Continue reading

Pumping life into Pinoy music

by Nickie Wang

Early last month, President Benigno Aquino reinstated an executive order requiring all radio stations, with musical format, to broadcast at least four OPM (Original Pinoy Music) songs every hour. That means, at least 25 percent of the program will be dedicated to the Filipino-produced music.

Some radio stations oppose the executive order believing that they will lose their audience, most especially those that play US Billboard chart toppers. Willing or reluctant, there are stations that already begin playing at least one OPM every clock hour.

Local music’s substantial exposure in the airwaves is a good way to start with and if it is the authorities’ approach to create a renewed interest in OPM, then they are on the right track. But in this nationalistic attempt we should also look into the possibilities that listeners might get bored and eventually crave for music that soothes their ears and matches their taste. Continue reading

Are your idols original?

by Nickie Wang

You still probably remember Takipsilim, the serialized version of blockbuster flick Twilight that turned to be just a hoax.

In December 2008, there was an article that appeared on ABS-CBN news site stating that Shaina Magdayao and Rayver Cruz are set to start filming the local adaptation of the American vampire romantic film. It was even reported that ABS-CBN paid a whopping $1 million for the exclusive rights to turn the romantic-fantasy movie into a television series. Days later, the news report can no longer be traced. It was permanently removed from the news site. Continue reading

Intensifying campaign against film piracy

by Nickie Wang

A film pirate that records the movie you are watching might be just sitting next to you. This line sounds familiar, you always see this whenever you watch a movie in theaters.

In many years that I have been in and out of the major multiplexes, I have not seen any film scalawag who got apprehended by authorities for recording even just snippets of a movie. Yes, we have appropriate laws but they are loosely implemented by the concerned groups. Well actually, apart from this fact, our laws don’t have the fangs. Continue reading

WITHOUT WANG²: Young Filipinos’ film festival

by Nickie Wang

Meryll Soriano and Lovi Poe went home bagged the Balanghai Best Actress trophy in last week’s closing ceremonies of the digital-driven Cinemalaya film festival. So, those who did not care to watch the conclusion of Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival and Competition held at the CCP Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo would ask: were they a tie? Continue reading

Internet’s most sought after celebrities

Kim Chiu, Marian Rivera, KC Concepcion,Cristine Reyes, and Carla Abellana are probably the most sought after celebrities on the Internet.

One of the best features of WordPress is the stats update. You would know how many people have had visited your blog and what search engine terms did they use to land on your blog. This feature allows me know if my blog is popular, or even helpful to my readers.

From May 18, 2009 to May 18, 2010, the following celebs are the most searched names on my blog Continue reading

Keeping that golden sheen in Sarah’s name

By Nickie Wang

Many have often wondered how Sarah Geronimo, amid her age, is able to stay on top and maintain her fame. The explanation could be sheer luck or it could be that Sarah is in the right place and at the right time making significant career choices.

The truth is, although she is already a big star and she is always been confronted by many challenges in her career, Sarah does not remain complacent. As a matter of fact, the effort and concentration she puts  in everything she does are the same amount of energy she has been dedicating to her career since the time she started in showbiz. Continue reading

A very special Sarah

By Nickie Wang

If we type Sarah Geronimo’s name into the search box of leading websites and search engines, what we’d get are positive search results- string of phrases about the popular young star. For a local celebrity to have more than a million search results under her name means a lot. Good thing they can also be abbreviated in a short striking phrase – Sarah is a massive star. Continue reading

What’s good in Sarah’s ‘Record Breaker’ concert?

By Nickie Wang

These days, only few local music artists can fill up the Big Dome. One of them is Sarah Geronimo who can now comfortably sit in the Concert Queen throne after staging her fourth full house concert last Nov. 7. Continue reading