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Anne Curtis: Showbiz’s passion

by Nickie Wang

Anne Curtis was 12 years old when she accompanied her father, an Australian lawyer, to the Philippines, where he decided to move and settle. Her mother, a Filipina, stayed in Australia to look after the kids.

Anne was clueless of what the future awaited her in her mother’s native land, but eventually she felt comfortable and now considers the country her home. Continue reading

Party from dusk till dawn

by Nickie Wang

Around two thousand years ago, beer was not a popular drink because of its bitter taste. As we all know, beer tastes even awkward when not chilled so it’s understandable why our ancestors didn’t like it that much.

Fast-forward to the present time, beer is already a part of almost every kind of occasion. Naturally, beer  should only be consumed in moderation, however the reason beer has been so popular today is because manufacturers have found ways to reintroduce the product to the consumers by establishing it as the main party drink.

This month, a new kind of party will be introduced to keep up with party animals’ insatiable appetite to have fun. Apart from drinking spree, there are several popular ways to set up a great party like  incorporating fashion and music and inviting well-known personalities. And that’s what exactly San Mig Light Party All Night is all about. Continue reading