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Talk of the town: Rhian Ramos goes topless


…are talking about

Rhian Ramos

How to stand out among four leading ladies, how is she supposed to leave an unforgettable impression while being compared to the likes of Solenn Heussaf, Lovi Poe, and Eugene Domingo? Rhian is among the four leading ladies of Richard Gutierrez in a Valentine movie and she promises that everyone most especially men would leave the movie houses mesmerized by her. How? A little teaser – she’s going topless in one scene. Is the thought of it already sweltering hot? Indeed, it will make cold February feels like summer. Continue reading

Making Boracay even hotter this summer

By Nickie Wang/Manila Standard Today

What makes the tropical island Boracay the hottest and best beach this side of the planet?

It’s not the 7-km stretch of powdery white sand beach with pristine blue water or the upscale resorts and hotels that are lined up along the beach of the tropical island. It’s actually the lifestyle and culture distinct to the island that match the expectations of party people, beach bums, backpackers, and tourists alike.

While the rest of Luzon was being ravaged by a typhoon, Boracay island made everyone’s sky bright and sunny as celebrities trooped to the small paradise for some summer actions. From May 8 to 9, a bevy of television personalities attended the Nestea Fit Beach Volley National Circuit ’09, this year’s hottest summer event, and gave the adage “work hard and party harder,” a whole new meaning.

Celebrity volley

Nestea Fit Beach Volley is an annual sports event that gathers some of the country’s best collegiate teams. This year, 18 dynamic teams from different colleges and universities battled out for a hundred-thousand-peso cash prize and the prestige to be called the country’s best.

The real highlight of the summer event was not the presence of the athletes or the physically vigorous sport, but it was the appearance of local celebrities who brought entertainment to the crowd at the white sand court of Bora. Crowds couldn’t help but cheered for their favorite celebrities and consumed megabytes of memory taking gigabytes in digital snapshots of Rhian Ramos, Paolo Contis, Alfred Vargas, Iza Calzado, Polo Ravales, JC Tiuseco, and Survivor Philippines finalists Jace Flores, Kiko Rustia, Kaye Alipio, Nikki Dacullo, Rob Sy, and Vern Domingo.

“We are here to enjoy and have fun, that’s the real essence of the entire game,” Survivor Philippines first sole survivor JC Tiuseco told us after his team ruled the sand court and won the celebrity volley showdown.

Most of the personalities who participated in the celebrity matches admitted that they don’t know how to spike or didn’t even have a short volleyball crash course beforehand. In short, most of them often hit the inflatable ball out of the line and committed numerous service errors like not having the ball reached the other side of the court or hitting the ball in a straight upward direction.

Sure these celebrities drink Nestea Fit with L-Carnitine, which is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a vital role in the metabolism of fat, because they look oozing hot, and we are actually pertaining to Iza and Rhian who basked in the sun without wearing any make-up (the way it is supposed to be because it’s a beach, right?).

“It’s also our chance to meet and bond with other people. With our busy schedule back in Manila, it’s hard for us to play and enjoy because we need to work. I can’t even go to the gym as often as I have to,” JC, who became an instant celebrity after winning a reality contest, shared.

Beach buddies

Enjoying the sight of picturesque Boracay, we often see people enjoying some activities together. JC Tiuseco with close friend and fellow Survivor Jace Flores consider their Boracay summer experience as their time to catch up with friends, even most of the time they have to pose for photo opportunities whenever people recognize them while walking around the busier side of the island.

“I feel like I’m still in the Survivor series. The location is pretty much the same and I’m reunited with the people who were also part of the Survivor series. So the whole game was not really hard. I used to play volleyball but this one is a different kind of fun. We didn’t look at it as game but a friendly competition,” Jace explained. “If we would consider the beach volleyball a challenge, it’s nothing compared to the challenges we had in Survivor. Kaya it’s like, kahit saan na kami dalhin, we are quite sure that we can easily do all the challenges,” JC quickly added.

While Survivor buddies JC and Jace were having a good time and nostalgic about their beach experience, smitten couple Paolo Contis and Lian Paz looked so inseparable. Lian was like Paolo’s number one fan supporting and cheering her boyfriend most especially when he makes service aces during the celebrity matches.

On the other hand, Polo Ravales and rumored ex-girlfriend Bianca Paz Villamores were also seen together holding hands in public. “Are they back together, were they really an item or what?” asked one of the guests of the event.

All roads lead to a party

Beach party, that is. With Boracay’s reputation as the country’s premier summer destination for party animals, Nestea Fit Beach Volley National Circuit ’09 featured an array of events dedicated to people who purposely visited Boracay to have a moonlit merriment with overflowing bottles of beer and glasses of cocktails.

After the fashion show dubbed “Hot and Fit Body of Work” featuring invited celebrities and the Survivor castaways sporting the latest summer island wear designed by PJ Arañador at Juice Bar at Plazoleta on May 8, people present at the venue continued to party the night away with feel-good music and bottles of malt drink, wine and vodka.

“This year’s event is much bigger; aside from the new product [Nestea fit], we also expanded the event by including parties and concerts that guarantee unique Nestea summer experience. So far, all our expectations have been met and we can basically say that whole event was very successful,” Ronald Chuacokiang, Nestea brand activation executive, told us before the dinner arranged during the victory party.

Capping off the three-day event was a victory party cum concert on May 9 headlined by music heavyweights Sandwich and 6cyclemind as they rocked Boracay with their famous hits at Paraiso Bar. Members of the press, celebrities, athletes and Nestea officials partied all night with a safe idea that next year will be just another exciting time to celebrate fitness and enjoyment with the iconic brand Nestea.

Richard Gutierrez relives the Legend of Zorro

By Nickie Wang/ Manila Standard Today

zorroThis year’s most anticipated and ambitious program to be produced on primetime television is the first and official localized version of the story of a fictional character created in the early 20th century.

Zorro, GMA Network’s latest addition to its strong Telebabad block, will be headlined by Richard Gutierrez playing the role of Antonio Pelaez, a nobleman and master swordsman living in the Spanish colonial era.

Gutierrez is set to charm three of the television’s hottest and equally talented young actresses: Rhian Ramos as Lolita, the ladylove of Zorro; Bianca King as Cara; and Michelle Madrigal as Juana.

According to GMA vice president for entertainment Wilma Galvante, this world-class series is shot entirely in the picturesque and Spanish-inspired location in Bagac, Bataan. She added that viewers will have a visual trip into the past with the presence of grand old-style houses, cobblestones pathways and fortifications. The scenes that feature gypsies, carnivals, circus actors, courtesans and pirates are few of the main attractions that will give the series an authentic Spanish-era feel.

Directed by distinguished directors who have helmed numerous top-rating programs in GMA: Mark Reyes, the man behind successful series Encantadia and Codename: Asero; and Dominic Zapata, the virtuoso director whose projects include Mulawin and Captain Barbell, are out to transform the Legend of Zorro into a moving tale that will captivate local audience starting today.

The masked hero

At the grand launch of the series, which was indeed a grandiose event, Richard entered the newly built state-of-the-art Studio 7 of GMA hovering across the venue through a harness connected to a cable. He then gave the entertainment press a peek of what kind of action viewers can expect from the action-packed made-for-television program.

“Our main goal is not to surpass what the original Zorro did. We just want him to look like a Pinoy. With the help and cooperation of the whole team, I think we are on the right track,” Richard related when he was flanked by the press.

Richard will be seen carrying a long, slender, two-edged sword throughout the series, as he reprises the role of the masked hero.

According to the actor, although he knows how to ride a horse, he had to undergo training in horseback riding to prepare for the role. Just like the whole cast, he also had Spanish lessons to prepare his tongue in pronouncing foreign words included in the script. As part of the preparation, the actor even studied fencing that primed him for difficult skirmishing stunts.

The blazing ‘Z’ mark

The original Zorro is famous for branding his tyrants on the chest with a blazing “Z” mark. Will this new series make another mark to GMA’s primetime block?

Zorro is Richard’s seventh collaboration with the station after Mulawin, Sugo, Captain Barbell, Lupin, Kamandag, and Codename: Asero. All of these top-rating programs gave Richard the moniker “Primetime King.” Aside from the established connection the actor has made with the loyal Kapuso viewers, the series’ powerhouse cast is also one of the program’s main attractions.

The star-studded cast are Eddie Gutirrez as Governor Luis Argon, Mark Gil as Capt. Horacio Pelaez, TJ Trinidad as Ramon Pelaez, Jomari Yllana as Diego dela Vega, Sandy Andolong as Maria, Pinky Marquez as Doña Catalina Pulido, Leo Martinez as Don Carlos Pulido, Bobby Andrews as Sgt. Pedro Gonzales, Ricky Davao as Padre Felipe, Sheena Halili as Lena, Bubbles Paraiso as Magda, Maureen Larazabal as Bella, Robert Villar as Pepe, Antonio Aquitania as Bernardo, Elvis Gutierrez as Silverio, Epi Quizon as Shishong, Bodie Cruz as Agustin Manalo, Paloma as Paquita, Shiela Marie as Liza, and Gloria Sevilla as Nana Zita.

The program that also boasts lavish production design and exceptional visual effects tells a story of a skilled horseman who becomes the champion of the masses. Abandoned by his courtesan mother (Marcela, to be played by Lani Meracdo) at a young age, Antonio (Richard Gutierrez) was raised under the care of the well-off haciendero Don Roberto Pelaez (Joel Torre) and his wife Doña Chiquita (Jacklyn Jose).

Amidst being raised by an affluent family, Antonio builds close ties with the commoners called Indios and empathizes with their plight. The romance, on the other hand, starts when Antonio meets the hardheaded Lolita (Rhian Ramos), during his search for his mother.

“I’m excited about this. Even though I didn’t audition, I’m still happy that I got the part,” Rhian revealed. “I’m so happy to be with a leading man I’m comfortable working with.”

The young actress said that because of her busy schedule during the casting of the series, she wasn’t able to audition for the plum role, but it was anyway her intention to be part of the much awaited series. Zorro is the third onscreen tandem of Rhian and Richard after Captain Barbell and Lupin.

People to watch out for in 2009

By Billy Bong

In the world of entertainment, talent doesn’t always equal stardom. You have to have the look, that star quality that has made show business worldwide a merry go round . Whether you like it or not, your register on the screen makes all the impressions and the talent you have takes you to the spot where you could bask in fame and have all the other celebrities die in envy.

If you want to be recognized by your talent alone then it must be an extraordinary one otherwise people will scrutinize your physical attributes. What we are talking about is star quality as ticket to limelight.

Here are the five women we see to be most prominent darlings of showbiz in 2009 because of their star quality.

Kim Chiu

kim-chuiShe has changed a lot since the first time she mesmerized the public by her appearance in a reality program. Kim welcomed the New Year with the loudest bang through her primetime series Tayong Dalawa that poses as a serious threat to any program that would challenge it.

She doesn’t need any kind of hype to stay in the public eye. Though people are not yet ready to see her being paired with a different actor other than Gerald Anderson, her current TV series itself is a litmus test if people would buy the idea of her being paired to a different leading man. Since no other actresses of her age come close to her popularity, with a strong fan base, Kim is definitely a superstar in the making.

Rhian Ramos

rhianShe’s nothing but an adorable young woman whose face is too beautiful to be ignored. She exudes a certain kind of appeal that naturally attracts both men and women. Despite of the strong primetime threat coming from GMA’s rival station, her series Lalola remains resilient and we can only attribute the series strong performance to the chemistry of the lead stars.

Rhian has her own numbers of followers and they are growing everytime her face appears on the boob tube and we have nothing more to say on the enormous waves she makes. Her strong presence is the result of the meticulous selection of projects given to her, and the way she delivers them in an almost perfect fashion.


karylleShe is the biggest talk of the town before the year 2008 ended. Now she welcomes all of us with numerous surprises as a very sexy single lady. Concerts and television series are in bold letters in her time table this year and everyone is optimistic that she will accomplish them the way she made all the loud buzzes recently,

Her career is souring high and it’s just the beginning, let’s wait for more endorsements, new albums, television series, and movies. Yes, she’s going to be very busy this year and everyone can’t wait to see her appear on series of top projects being prepared for her.


charice1If we would say she has overtaken Lea Salonga as the most popular Filipino artist in the international scene, we are not kidding and we are not just making this all up because  her massive exposures in the United States and other parts of the world won’t  lies.

Here in the Philippines , she has been selected as one of People Asia’s People of the Year for 2008, a feat no other artists of her age have achieved. If she’s not the biggest international Filipino artist as of this moment, no one else could claim the branding. We all know that she is overwhelmingly supported by Oprah Winfrey and David Foster. She is set to record an album in LA this February and hit maker David is at the helm of writing original material for her.

Christine Reyes

cristinereyesHer Eva Fonda outing has given her more outlets to showcase what she has got. And what she receives in return is something she never thought possible to be connected with her name, instant popularity and adoration among men and women.

Men consider her as an ultimate eye candy for her innocent colehiyala look and her oozing sex appeal drips like a sweet fruit juice when she sways her hips on Banana Split. Women on the other hand consider her as a strong person who withstood all the trials that confronted her (but of course that’s the image she portrays on TV). But actually, what we see from this beautiful woman is a brighter future and a more secured career now that she has distanced her self away (far away) from her sister Ara Mina.


We have given you the women, now let’s roll out the red carpet for the men.

While some young actors have kissed the death of their showbiz careers by acting in sleazy indie gay films, a more promising year awaits those chaps who have more than just pretty faces or sculpted body to offer. The following five men have a better career ahead of them because of the image they have portrayed through their initial public excursion.

Robi Domingo

robi-domingoHis PMPC Star Awards’ Best New Male TV Personality of 2008 trophy is an affirmation, or a distinction that separates him among the group of new generation stars. As top-caliber actors start in their teens, Robi is just in a perfect timing. He personifies the word teen sensations for he doesn’t need to try hard to get those entire fans grab his elbow just to stay close to him.

Indeed, Robi is one of the hottest teen celebrities and that if he maintains the image he is known for, his career would lead to a rosier future.

JC de Vera

jc-de-veraGMA’s drama prince is Lalola’s Facundo. He is being hailed as the next big thing or rather next in line to the networks bevy of A1 actors like Dingdong Dantes, Richard Gutierrez, and Dennis Trillio. Challenges have been given to him and his potential has been noticed.

His appearance on primetime as a lead actor is already a sign that he is being primed to be one of the best talents on this side of showbiz. His boyish good look is supported by his natural acting flair, and his chiseled physique just comes in as a bonus.

Akihiro Sato

akiHe is currently the hottest property of local fashion and yet he is not a Filipino. This is very same reason why local male models have all the reasons to get envious of this Brazilian-Japanese mutt. Twenty-one-year-old Aki paved the way to other Brapanese models to dominate the local fashion scene.

After his modeling stint in Thailand where he received the same mammoth acceptance, Aki hit Manila by storm and appeared on TV commercials, sashayed fashion ramps and graced gigantic billboards. He is about to appear in an indie movie called Handuman, which also stars Jason Abalos and Chin Chin Gutierrez. This hunk is indeed a serious threat to many aspiring actors. By the way he’s taking Tagalog lessons in UP and he’s dead serious about it.

JC Tiuseco

jcWhy not Fear Factor’s Manuel Chua or Ram Sagad, or the other castaways from the Survivor series? Super Manuel is too old to be a heartthrob, Ram can’t be another Zanjoe Marudo, and other castaways simply don’t have the star quality.

Richer by P3 million courtesy of course by Pinoy Survivor, JC has a great potential to break in to showbizness. Though he wants to be recognized as a wholesome celebrity, he still cannot get away from the image he was known for during his Survivor days. A clothing line has taken him as an image model, and he is now greeting early birds good morning in Unang Hirit. He’s off to a good start and we can still see something more from him.

Jason Abalos

jason-abalosPeople can see him in the afternoon in Pieta and in the evening in Eva Fonda. He is seen twice during weekdays and people still can’t get over him. No wonder Jason is fast becoming a hot property of the Kapamilya Network because of the overwhelming support coming from his fans and the recognitions he is receiving from critics.

Another television series, or perhaps another movie that will still display his dramatic flair and he could claim the title drama prince. We bet, no one else could come close and his Gawad Urian Best Actor trophy can absolutely support that claim.