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Top Sites in the Philippines

Every Filipino, as they say, has a friendster account. Does it mean friendster.com is one of the most trafficked websites in the country? I used to believe that after online communities, pornsites are the most visited pages in the Philippines but according to Alexa.com, Filipino netizens are quite decent people.

Nix’s Top 12 lists down the most visited sites in the country in 2008.

1. Yahoo! – Yes, most Filipinos prefer @yahoo.com than @gmail.com

2. Friendster – Have fake celebrity friends

3. Youtube – Latest teleserye videos or anything about Charice or Pacquiao

4. Google.com.ph – Bloggers like this search engine better

5. Google.com – Language barrier?

6. Multiply – Blog whoring trip

7. Wikipedia – Yes, we do a lot of researches (gossip, celebs, UAAP…)

8. Blooger.com – and we blog them right away!

9. Y8 – I haven’t visited this one…I swear!

10. Facebook – The new friendster!!!

11. Imeem – We like pirated sound clips, free right!

12. MSN.com – I don’t know why, next to it are photobucket and redtude (these I could explain)

12 top-grossing pinoy movies of 2008

Philippine Cinema used to be the world’s fourth largest movie producer. The local industry produced almost a hundred films in 1999, but due to crisis and other factors, production has decreased over the years.

Movie producers have released more than 30 films as of November (including indies or digital flicks). Last year, 50 films were exhibited in commercial theaters.

Today’s edition of Nix’s Top 12 is quite special because aside from the 12 top-grossing films of 2008, 9 mainstream losers are also  included. Here are the A-listers:

1. A VERY SPECIAL LOVE – P179.23 million (Star Cinema/Viva Films)

2. CAREGIVER – P139.54 million (Star Cinema)

3. FOR THE FIRST TIME – P134.7 million (Star Cinema)

4. MY BESTFRIEND’S GIRLFRIEND – P101.24million (GMA/Regal Films)

5. DOBOL TROBOL GET REDI 2 RAMBOL – P90.51 million (Octoarts Films)

6. WHEN LOVE BEGINS – P89.38 million (Star Cinema/Viva Films)

7. MY ONLY U – P79.18 million (Star Cinema)

8. MAG-INGAT KA SA KULAM – P76.6 million (Regal Films)

9. MY BIG LOVE – P68 million (Star Cinema)

10. SUPAHPAPALICIOUS – P66.98 million (Star Cinema)

11. ONE TRUE LOVE – P61.58 million (GMA Films/Regal Films)

12. MANAY PO 2: OVERLOAD P34.24 million (Regal Films)

The BIG LOSERS of Philippine Cinema (2008)

1. TOROTOT – P2.71 million (Viva Films)

2. LOVING YOU – P5.78 million (Regal Films)

3. URDUJA – P12.65 million (APT Films)

4. PLONING – P13.94 million (Panoramanila Philippines Co.)

5. SCAREGIVERS – P23.28 million (APT Films)

6. I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust and Love You) – P23.32 million (GMA Films)

8. IKAW PA RIN, BONGGA KA BOY! – P26.74 million (Viva Films)

9. MY MONSTER MOM – P32.42 million (GMA Films)

source: Box Office Mojo

Note:  The list of top-grossing films and big losers will definitely change after the Metro Manila Film Festival this Dec.25.

Top 12 Music Videos of 2008

I’m not really sure if our generation is hooked up with crappy music and videos. The items on my list today are not really the ones I enjoy listening to, but I would have to note that these are the videos most YouTube viewers have been watching in 2008.

I don’t know what’s with Jonas Brothers that most tweens like. Sure Rihanna and Chris Brown dished out some good dance music flavored with love, and Mraz made a simple song that doesn’t hurt the ears, but for the others, well I think this just proves the cliche: ‘taste in music[videos] is relative.’

1. 7 Things – Miley Cyrus (52 million views)

2. Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers (49 m views)

3. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz (41 m views)

4. Forever – Chris Brown ( 38 m views)

5. Take A Bow – Rihanna (37 m views)

6. Whatever You Like – T.I. (36 m views)

7. When You Look Me in the Eyes – Jonas Brothers (32 m views)

8. Better In Time – Leona Lewis (31 m views)

9. Love in This Club – Usher featuring Young Jeezy (31 m views)

10. When I Grow Up – Pussycat Dolls (30 m views)

11. Disturbia – Rihanna (28 m views)

12. Viva La Vida – Coldplay (27 m views)

Source: YouTube

Buzzwords for novice bloggers

blog-blog-blogIt was last year when I signed up to wordpress and created this blog. My journalism classmates (the people who introduced me to wordpress blogging, but i used to have a xanga account) were using wordpress for their online journalism subject. I got fascinated with the way online communities work, and how my classmates interacted using this publishing application. Now that they’re graduates it’s my turn to take the online class.

My blog turned one year this November, but it was only last August when I started posting regularly when I tried to keep a backup of the articles I have written for a broadsheet where I work as a contributing writer. So to celebrate my fourth month as a novice blogger, the second edition of Nix’s top 12 is about words that a green apple blogger should know. Today’s list collected buzzwords preceded by the root word blog.

1. Blog – a place where people bitch about their daily activities which nobody is interested in.

2. Blog balled – Girls who will only chat you up online and not meet in the real world.

3. Blog dick – a blogger who replies to the first commenter on the first page of comments so that EVERYONE can see their comment. Usually blog dicking is self promotion on someone else’s blog.

4. Blog drama – it happens when someone posts something that makes someone else mad. That person retaliates with personal attacks, which leads the other person to retaliate. Other bloggers join in and post about the drama. Minions on all sides join ranks and battle each other to defend their favorite blogger.

5. Blog drop – the act of posting something interesting to your blog before your friend does.

6. Blog envy – The jealousy you feel when you realize that your friend’s blog is more popular than yours.

7. Blog fluffer – A topic that, when blogged about, generates a large number of comments.

8. Blog Hooligan – An enabler for truth. One who speaks truth to power. Blog hooligans are an incredibly seismic and democratic force. They are willing to cover any point of view, special interest, or pet project, whether conservative, liberal or moderate, or aimed at justice, media bias, literature, sports whatever.

9. Blog whoring – Leaving a comment on a famous weblog, with a reference to one’s own, insignificant, blog to draw attention to it.

10. Blog-stalk – to secretly read someone’s blog with the express purpose of learning more about them without their knowledge; to stalk via blog.

11. Blogcrastinate – To put off blogging because you are suffering from blogger’s block.

12. Blogstipation – Inability to think of anything to blog about.

source: Urban Dictionary

Top-rating shows in the Philippines


The world...I mean the whole Philippines waited in bated breath while watching pacman knocksout morales.

The world...I mean the whole Philippines waited in bated breath while watching Pacman knocks out Morales.

I spend almost 50 percent of my day surfing the net and chatting with my friends through YM and Facebook. I use the net to research for materials that I would need for my school and for my work.

Almost everyday I encounter buzzwords and other information that I really find interesting. So as I exploit the power of the world wide web, I am coming up with a sort of a collection or a countdown or a list of twelve things that I found through the internet.

Today, after wondering through different websites, porn sites, blog sites, groups and forums, my first offering of Nix’s top 12 is the list of highest-rating shows in the history of Philippine television. Roll out the red carpet! Tantananan:

1. The Battle: Pacquiao vs. Morales (2006, ABS-CBN)(83.5%)(And crime rate was down)

2. Rosalinda (1999, ABS-CBN) (69.8%)(Thalia went mainstream)

3. Meteor Garden (2003, ABS-CBN) (63.8%)(The start of Chino and Koreanovela invasion)

4. Esperanza (1997, ABS-CBN) (63.5%)(April Boy sung the OST)

5. Ms. Universe (1994, ABS-CBN) (62.5%)(No other choice)

6. Pangako Sa’yo (2002, ABS-CBN)(62.1%)(Echo and Tin-tin were hot items)

7. Marimar (1994, RPN9) (61.7%) (It was a phenomenon)

8. Maria Mercedes (1996, ABS-CBN) (59.7%)(Oopps, she did it again!)

9. Ms. Universe (1999, RPN9) (58.4%) (Because of Miriam Quiambao?)

10. Bubble Gang (1997, GMA) (57.6%)(A lot of people are still watching this)

11. Maalala mo kaya (1991, ABS-CBN) (57.3%)(People were cocky)

12. Balitang K (1998, ABS-CBN) (56.6%) (Korina eavesdropped Pops and Martin )


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