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A whole new world for Jewel Mische

People…are talking about

Jewel Mische

Her appearance on Maalaala Mo Kaya last Saturday re-affirms her status as one of the stars to watch out for this year. Her career, which was frozen when she’s still  with GMA-7, suddenly became splendid. It’s so alive that she can even sing A Whole New World with gusto. Now that her revitalized career sees a better future and a solid direction, can she also find love among the bachelors in the Kapamilya Network? Continue reading

Rachelle Ann reaffirms the title ‘ultimate champion’

By NICKIE WANG/ Manila Standard Today

dsc03805At the Music Museum on Jan. 31, Rachelle Ann Go held a coming-of-age performance as she brought down the house and showed the audience why she is called the “Ultimate Champion.”

Although it didn’t start right on time, the two-hour concert opened with a loud bang as Rachelle appeared at the center of the stage in a skimpy shorts singing “Womanizer,” “Supergirl,” and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).” After the bouncy opening number, the medley was then followed by Rachelle plugging a new album Falling In Love, which was coincidentally the same title of her second major solo concert.

As the plugging continued, she sang the carrier single of the album, “This Time I Will Be Sweeter,” and announced that the album was just officially launched on Asap a couple of weeks back. She sang two more samples from the latest album like covers of Bread’s “If” and Dennis Lambert’s “Of All the Things.”

Special guests

rachelle-ann-and-christian-bautistaThe second day of Rachelle’s solo concert was graced by artists who have always been supportive of her whenever she had a performance. Mark Bautista shared the stage with her and sang an unfamiliar song while Rachelle was at the backstage changing her wardrobe.

When Rachelle reappeared, she indulged the audience with a sexy performance singing Shontelle’s “T-shirt,” Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love,” and Pussycat Doll’s “I Hate This Part Right Here.”

One of the loudest cheers from the jam-packed Music Museum was for the appearance of Christian Bautista who collaborated with Rachelle in an awe-inspiring rendition of Beyoncé’s “If I Were A Boy.” Christian was singing, “If I were a girl.” Although it was obvious that the former lovers just did it for the show, the act clicked to the screaming audience.

rachelle-ann-and-gab-valencianoChristian gave an entertaining performance while Rachelle was at the dressing room for another change outfit. The crooner serenaded the crowd with Joe Cocker hit “You Are So Beautiful” and another similar song popularized by Joshua Kadison (“Beautiful In My Eyes”).

While some people thought Christian was the big treat, Gab Valenciano blasted the stage in a production of Chris Brown’s chart topper “Superhuman.”  After the dance number, that saw Rachelle and Gab in an intimate lifting stunts, Gab caressed the keyboard as her rumored girlfriend sang a love ditty.

Total performer

rachelle-ann-goProving that she is a versatile performer, every time she reappeared on stage she splashed elaborate production numbers complete with hippie and giddy choreography. She bounced her body and sang like she didn’t even catch her breath, and still pitch-perfect.

In the middle of the concert, the singer admitted that she lost her voice after the first day of the concert and that she was so thankful she got her voice back right before the concert’s final day. Ogie Alcasid, who was the last special guest, said that her vocal problem was not evident for she sang every song perfectly.

The singer songwriter covered Rachelle, who had her third costume change, and sang several of the songs he penned like “Kailangan Kita” and “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw.”

Songs of her life

For every costume change (a total of four costume changes) and whenever she reappeared on stage, Rachelle would always let the audience know the importance of every song she was about to sing. She performed classics that have been part of her life, contemporary music she enjoys listening to, songs that complete her day, and songs that have always been associated to her rise as a popular young diva.

She made heartwarming versions of Barbara Streisand’s “All I Ask of You” and a gospel song entitled “Jesus Loves Me.”

For every transition, she also shifted singing songs of different genres. From pop and R&B during the first parts of the concert, she geared toward singing music from the ’70s and ’80s like “September,” “A Night to Remember,” “I Love the Nightlife (Disco ‘Round),” “I Will Survive,” and “Let’s Dance (Tonight).”

For the finale, Rachelle sang the only Filipino song in the entire concert (except for the ones Alcasid performed) “Bakit.” Then it was followed by Mariah Carey’s “Through the Rain,” the ultimate song she sang during the finals of Search for a Star, and Melissa Manchester original “Don’t Cry Out Loud,” which was her first-ever known hit coming from the self-titled album that went double platinum.

Off on a tangent

The concert was supposed to be a pre-Valentine offering of Rachelle Ann Go. With the lineup of songs she performed, and the redundant spiels she dropped when she conversed with the audience, the concert just sounded like an outline or a gist of her career that spans over five years.

She certainly proved that her talent is a great delight to someone looking for an impressive entertainment experience but she needs more original materials and a couple more hits to bring her natural talent to a bigger venue like the Big Dome. If she did that, she will no longer have to ask support from other artists to back her up so her concert would draw more audiences.