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Is Kris Aquino everyone’s favorite endorser?

by Nickie Wang

Kris Aquino is ubiquitous. You see her face plastered on gigantic billboards on the main thoroughfares wherever you travel. When you get home and turn on your television, you see her face again if you tuned in on channel 2 or if you’re just scanning the channels and it’s the commercials that you see. And while you are reading this item, you are having another dose of Krissy.

To answer the question above, it’s a resounding yes most especially if you are on the side of the advertisers mainly because you always get the desired results for the product you are selling. Continue reading

What do Bimby, Zaijian and Jillian have in common?

by Nickie Wang

Presidential nephew James Aquino Yap, Jr. , May Bukas Pa and Noah star Zaijian Jaranilla and GMA-7 child wonder Jillian Ward were all voted by more than 12,000 students from 34 schools all throughout the country as their Favorite Child Personalities. Continue reading