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Sarah Geronimo finally breaks her silence

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Sarah Geronimo

The actress and concert queen is featured on the cover of Yes! magazine’s March issue. The teaser says that she finally breaks her silence and speaks about her failed affair with Rayver Cruz. She also pours her heart out on the recent spat between her and Christine Reyes. When the rift between her and Cristine hit all the major dailies and tabloids in December, the singer was the only person who kept her silence. She didn’t drop a word unlike Christine who flooded Twitter with her outbursts. People agree that there is a right time and a right place for everyone and everything. Sarah waited for that. Continue reading

Internet’s most sought after celebrities

Kim Chiu, Marian Rivera, KC Concepcion,Cristine Reyes, and Carla Abellana are probably the most sought after celebrities on the Internet.

One of the best features of WordPress is the stats update. You would know how many people have had visited your blog and what search engine terms did they use to land on your blog. This feature allows me know if my blog is popular, or even helpful to my readers.

From May 18, 2009 to May 18, 2010, the following celebs are the most searched names on my blog Continue reading

Hayden Kho needs a doctor

Vicki and Hayden

Lovebirds no more: Fifty-something Vicki and 28-year-old Hayden

Without Vicki Belo he doesn’t have a career, he doesn’t even have a name. His attempt to end his life may also mean that he doesn’t have a life without the head honcho of Belo Medical Group by his side. To prove that, he even wrote “I love Vicki” on his body before he became unconscious due to alleged Valium overdose.

Some people write a blog to express their anger or to release those deep emotions that bother them. Instead of committing suicide maybe Hayden should start writing a blog about his failed love affair using his MacBook so people would get updated with the latest happening about him (as if there are people who really care). If he still has though. We heard that Vickie Belo has gotten back everything she gave Hayden.