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Intensifying campaign against film piracy

by Nickie Wang

A film pirate that records the movie you are watching might be just sitting next to you. This line sounds familiar, you always see this whenever you watch a movie in theaters.

In many years that I have been in and out of the major multiplexes, I have not seen any film scalawag who got apprehended by authorities for recording even just snippets of a movie. Yes, we have appropriate laws but they are loosely implemented by the concerned groups. Well actually, apart from this fact, our laws don’t have the fangs. Continue reading

A very special Sarah

By Nickie Wang

If we type Sarah Geronimo’s name into the search box of leading websites and search engines, what we’d get are positive search results- string of phrases about the popular young star. For a local celebrity to have more than a million search results under her name means a lot. Good thing they can also be abbreviated in a short striking phrase – Sarah is a massive star. Continue reading