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Internet’s most popular celebrities

By Nickie Wang

American singer Lady Gaga is the most popular living celebrity in cyberspace if we are to consider the number of her followers on leading social networking, microblogging, and video sharing sites. The pop icon has over 11 million fans on Facebook, and almost 5 million followers on Twitter, not to mention that her music videos are among the most-watched on YouTube.

On the local scene on the other hand, Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis appear to be the most popular celebrities among the netizens. Continue reading

Cesar Montano charms thousands of Zamboangueños

By Nickie Wang

Cesar MontanoIf the elections were held on Oct. 11 in Zamboanga, and Cesar Montano was running for a political post in the province, he would have possibility won the majority of people’s vote.

But the big day was an annual festival and not a political event. It only so happen that thousands of Zamboangueños were celebrating the culmination of Hermosa Festival, and Buboy (as he is fondly called in showbiz) was fortunate enough to be the man of the day. In fact, Defense secretary and presidential aspirant Gilbert Teodoro was also there, but resounding cheers by a ten thousand crowd for Buboy was simply a tough act for him to follow. Continue reading