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ZsaZsa Zaturnnah: gayest musical in town

by Nickie Wang

A mysterious stone falls from the heavens granting Ada, a quaint beauty salon owner, the ability to transform into ZsaZsa Zaturnnah, a superhuman warrior endowed with uncanny strength and remarkable beauty. As she fearlessly defends a small town from power-tripping planet women, a giant frog and rampaging zombies, she finds her true calling and concedes to destiny. Continue reading

Rising 2nd generation stars

by Nickie Wang

It is hard to penetrate showbiz and it is even harder to keep your star shining once you are able get in. But there are people who seem born to become the protagonists in television or movies. It’s in their names or actually it’s already in their genes.

Most showbiz scions have easy access to the world of entertainment.  Instead of going through a lot of go-sees and tedious audition process, their surnames alone (and a referral from their parents and relatives) are their sure ticket to stardom. The following names are Continue reading