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Cinemalaya 2012 winners

Here is the complete list of winners in the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2012 held at the Main Theater of Cultural Center of the Philippines:


Best Film: “Diablo”

CARLO AQUINO as OSCAR in Cinemalaya 2012 Best Film, Diablo

Special Jury Prize: “Requieme”

Shamaine Buencamino, Lilia Cuntapay, Noel Taylo and Rez Cortez in Requieme

Audience Choice: “Ang Nawawala”

Cinemalaya 2012 Audience Choice awardee Ang Nawawala

Best Director: Mes de Guzman “Diablo”

Best Actress: Ama Quiambao, “Diablo”

Cinemalaya 2012 Best Actress Ama Quiambao

Best Actor: Kristoffer King, “Oros”

Cinemalaya 2012 Best Actor Kristoffer King for Paul Santa Ana’s “Oros”

Best Supporting Actress: Anita Linda, “Santa Niña”
Best Supporting Actor: Joross Gamboa, “Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino”
Best Screenplay: Rody Vera, “Requieme”
Best Cinematography: Tristan Salas, “Diablo”
Best Production Design: Benjamin Payumo, “Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino”
Best Editing: John Wong and Rona delos Reyes, “The Animals”
Best Original Music Score: Mikey Amistoso, Diego Mapa, and Jazz Nicolas, “Ang Nawawala”
Best Sound Recording: Albert Michael Idioma, “Aparisyon”
NETPAC Awardee: “Diablo”


Best Film: “Posas”

Cinemalaya 2012 Best Supporting Actor (Director’s Showcase) Art Acuna and co-actor Nico Antonio in the Best Film in the Director’s Showcase section, Posas

Special Jury Prize: “Kamera Obskura”
Audience Choice: “Bwakaw”
Best Director: Raymond Red, “Kamera Obskura”
Best Actress: Iza Calzado, Janice de Belen, Judy Ann Santos and Agot Isidro (ensemble), “Mga Mumunting Lihim”
Best Actor: Eddie Garcia, “Bwakaw”
Best Supporting Actress: Iza Calzado, Janice de Belen, Judy Ann Santos and Agot Isidro (ensemble), “Mga Mumunting Lihim”
Best Supporting Actor: Art Acuna, “Posas”
Best Screenplay: Jose Javier Reyes, “Mga Mumunting Lihim”
Best Cinematography: Albert Banzon, “Kalayaan”
Best Production Design: Adolfo Alix Jr., “Kalayaan”
Best Editing: Vanessa de Leon, “Mga Mumunting Lihim”
Best Original Musical Score: Diwa de Leon, “Kamera Obskura”
Best Sound: Ditoy Aguila, “Kalayaan”
NETPAC Awardee: “Bwakaw”


Best Film: “Victor”

Manenaya Funeral Scene, San Matias Guagua Pampanga

Special Jury Prize: “Manenaya”
Audience Choice: “Rueda”
Best Director: Sheron Dayoc, “As He Sleeps”
Best Screenplay: Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, “Ang Paghihintay sa Bulong”

Milestones of Cinemalaya Film Fest

Since 2004, Cinemalaya attracted thousands of digital movie fanatics. It’s audience last year reached 50,000—that’s something for a middling indie movie event. Continue reading

Cinemalaya: The Animals: a peek into the life of affluent teens

Set in an affluent, upper middle class village in the suburbs, “The Animals” chronicles a day in the life of Jake, Trina, and Alex, who go through the musings that every kid in high school has to deal with. All Jake wants to do is have a good time, Alex just wants to fit in, and Trina simply wants more. Continue reading

Cinemalaya: Intoy Shokoy ng Kayle Marino: a love tale sans the obligatory romantic sentiments

Intoy has had the hots for Doray since they were kids in Kalye Marino, Cavite City, formerly the American Naval Base in Sangley Point.  Both marginalized as the long-lasting effect of American abandonment of the said base, Intoy has become Kalye Marino’s best “tahong” caretaker-with-no-angst-about-poverty, while Doray a cheap prostitute-with-no-guilt, tending to her siblings’ needs. Continue reading

Cinemalaya: Santa Niña: questions about pure love, guilt, sin and salvation

When Paulino Mungcal and his co-worker in a lahar-filled quarry unexpectedly dig up the remains of his 2-year daughter Marikit, they discover that she showed no signs of decay.  Could this be a miracle, and could she — despite death – cure the sick? Continue reading

Cinemalaya: Kamera Obskura: a tribute to Filipino cinema heritage

The title “Kamera Obskura” is a Filipino spelling of the latin “Camera Obscura” which simply means “dark room”. The film’s concept adheres to formalist cinema, where the filmmaker’s thesis is to make a semblance of a vintage film seemingly produced sometime in the late 1920s to early 1930s in thePhilippines. Continue reading

Cinemalaya: Kalayaan : cope with reality or lose your sanity

Julian, a Filipino soldier stationed in Kota Island, is ready to leave Kalayaan. He already completed his three months of service. News of a pending coup d’ etat in Manila orders him to stay in the island until further notice. Continue reading