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Are you ready for Machete?

by Nickie Wang

In Indian literature, Machete does not exist but in a story created by a komiks writer and a movie director, he is an Indian prince of love whose spirit possesses a male statue to satisfy the sexual cravings of women. Continue reading

Cesar Montano’s loyalty shift

by Nickie Wang

WHEN Luis Manzano took a time off in Wowowee last week to join some stars in a concert in Hong Kong, action star and host Cesar “Buboy” Montano accepted the offer to be a guest host for the noontime show.

Speculations that politician wannabe Buboy would permanently occupy the vacated hosting slot spread like wildfire since he was vocal about his enjoyment while on the set on and off cam. Continue reading

Cesar Montano charms thousands of Zamboangueños

By Nickie Wang

Cesar MontanoIf the elections were held on Oct. 11 in Zamboanga, and Cesar Montano was running for a political post in the province, he would have possibility won the majority of people’s vote.

But the big day was an annual festival and not a political event. It only so happen that thousands of Zamboangueños were celebrating the culmination of Hermosa Festival, and Buboy (as he is fondly called in showbiz) was fortunate enough to be the man of the day. In fact, Defense secretary and presidential aspirant Gilbert Teodoro was also there, but resounding cheers by a ten thousand crowd for Buboy was simply a tough act for him to follow. Continue reading

Cesar Montano: Intertwined life in the movies and politics

By Nickie Wang/ Manila Standard Today

Is Cesar Montano going to run for a political post again? Well, the right person to answer this question is no other than Cesar himself.

The actor plunged into politics when he made a sudden decision to join the Senate slate in the 2007 elections under the administration’s TEAM Unity. Critics said it was an immature and bad decision. Apart from the fact that actors are no longer popular in winning the elections, Cesar’s senatorial bid was unexpected and his platform was too limited to arts and culture development, relatively unpopular among voters.

“No regrets at all. I learned a lot of things from that experience,” said Cesar during a short talk with the press after the launch of Western Union Gold Card at Teatrino in Greenhills recently.

Cesar is challenged by a clamor asking him to enter politics again. This time, Boholanos are asking him to run as a governor in his hometown.

cesar-montano“I’m almost considering it,” said the 46-year-old actor and occasional movie director. “What delay my decision are questions that I need to answer like, ‘Can I live there for five days and stay here in Manila for just two days to check on my kids?’ Or ‘Can I just transfer my kids there to study, what about my shows and shooting?’ And there are more questions that I need to discuss with my wife,” Cesar explained.

The actor is considering other matters that do not just involve his family but also the people and the province he would be serving in case he’d be voted for a government position. He mentioned that his presence in Bohol would be greatly needed as the father of the province.

The finality of his answer also depends on the decision of his wife, Sunshine Cruz. The Singing Bee host said he is consulting Sunshine and that they are both going to decide on the matter.

“We’ve talked about this thing but I told her that there’s no need to hurry deciding on it. I told her that we could decide later on, maybe on the last quarter of the year,” the actor said, noting the sentiments of his wife and family.

Once final with his decision, Cesar would be up against congressmen from the province who are in their last terms. There is also a strong possibility that the incumbent vice governor of the province would be his strong rival. When asked about the qualifications that suits him for the position, the award-winning actor exclaimed, “The island of Bohol is a tourist zone, I’m in [the] film business. Movie is a great and a very powerful medium to elevate the tourism of an island. I’m saying that because na-prove ko na ’yan with Panaghoy Sa Suba that won 37 awards from abroad. I was able to introduce Loboc River through the film, and dumagsa ang mga tourists sa lugar after that.”

Panaghoy Sa Suba, also referred as Cry of the River, is a 2004 film that earned different accolades here and abroad. Cesar produced, directed and starred the film.

Cesar is excited about a new project that he is willing to do this year even if he wouldn’t get any support from any big film outfits.

“I’m interested to do the [movie on] Francisco Dagohoy, kasi talagang taga-Bohol ’yun. Si Francisco Dagohoy, led the longest revolt in the Philippines, his story is part of our history. Another one is Eskaya, parang alibata ’yan… Alibata [a pre-Spanish writing system] from Luzon, Eskaya from the south,” Cesar discussed.

Eskaya, which Cesar is very excited about, is actually a name of an indigenous group found in the mountainous area of Bohol. Its language Eskayan interestingly has no clear relationship with any known language.

“Many people think that early Filipinos were illiterate. They didn’t know that Filipinos could communicate, we could write, we could read already, even before, way before the Spanish came to the Philippines. We need to share this to the world. I’m thinking of doing it this year, kahit indie I will do it, the Philippines has to do it,” the determined actor said.

Cesar added that he is in regular talk with his Hollywood contacts that would be instrumental in introducing Bohol as good place for location shoot for international movies.

“Two weeks ago, I was in the US. Kausap ko ’yung nag-produce ng The Great Raid [Cesar’s first Hollywood film] and Titanic. I meet people and I gather stories suited for international release. ’Yung mga stories na pwedeng gamitan ng 70 percent na salitang Ingles para maging American picture, parang Slumdog [Millionaire]. We don’t lack talents, we only need to be aggressive, and we need contacts,” the actor related.

He already foresees the project that he might get involved with once elected. To the question that connects him to running as a governor of Bohol in the elections next year, “I’m 70 percent sure,” was his answer.

“Isa pa ’yan na pwede kong gawin sa Bohol . But if I can prove to our Hollywood connections that Bohol is one of the safest places to shoot a movie, then with just one film, ang  tourism ay aangat,” he ended and coined the word Bohollywood.

A night with Visayan artists


Verni Varga as Rosas Pandan

Verni Varga as Rosas Pandan

In a one splendid night at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, witness a celestial rendezvous as prominent Visayan artists grace the stage on a one-night-only performance to showcase Visayan culture and arts in a musical show dubbed Si Lapulapu, Si Rosas Pandan: A Bisaya Musical Extravaganza on Nov. 22, at 8 p.m.

“This extravaganza is a development of regional culture. The Visayan culture is very rich. Many of what have been incorporated into what is known as Philippine culture originated from regional communities in the Visaya,” Baltazar Endriga, president of Kadugong Bisaya Foundation, said.

Kadugong Bisaya, the presenter of the event, is a national organization that promotes Visayan languages, culture and arts, fosters a common cultural identity and solidarity among its members. It also promotes nationalism, civic consciousness and participation, and contributes to the development and use of Filipino by the incorporation of Binisaya, Cebuano-Visayan, Ilonggo and Waray concepts and words into the evolving national language, and to the development of the national culture.

“We’re not attempting to separate or distinguish ourselves from the rest of the local cultural groups. Rather, we want people to appreciate the diversity of regional traditions throughout the country,” Endriga furthered.

Truly Bisaya

During the event’s press conference at the Silangan Hall of the CCP, organizers of the event elucidated some interesting facts that prove the richness of Visayan culture. Endriga told the press that the word bukid, which has been known to be a Tagalong term for ricefield, actually means mountain, and that the Philippine national dance Tinikling is a game originally played by children in Leyte.

“I felt proud when I learned that the Tinikling was the national dance. In my youth, we used to play a game where we used bamboos named after a native bird, the tikling,” Endriga recalled.

Singer Verni Varga, who plays Rosas Pandan, rendered an impromptu number singing Visayan love song Usahay. Rosas Pandan is the mythical Bisaya maiden that symbolizes rustic beauty and virtue. Her stage partner Lapu-lapu, on the other hand, is the heroic chieftain of Mactan, Cebu, who has been a symbol of Filipino valor when his men defeated Magellan in a historic battle.

“We chose Lapu-lapu and Rosan Pandan as main metaphors for the extravaganza to showcase the whole spectrum of art and culture and contributions of the Visayan culture to the national concert,” Chris Millado, the shows director said.

Millado was ecstatic to reveal that the stage design will be done by renowned furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue whose clients reportedly include Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Among the special performers in the much-awaited musical event are Cesar Montano, Varga, Joey Ayala and Bayang Barrios, Elizabeth Ramsey and Jaya, Rachelle Gerodias, Jose Mari Chan, the Philippine Dance Sports Association, Noni Buencamino, Raki Vega, Deeda Barretto, Jerry Dadap’s Andres Bonifacio Choir, Ballet Philippines, Modern Ballet Dancers and Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group.

The Philippine Madrigal Singers will pay tribute to Yoyoy Villame by reliving his novelty classics. Cameo appearances will be made by Visayan cinema personalities like Gloria Sevilla, Caridad Sanchez and Virgie Solis.

The extravaganza also celebrates several venerable Visayan composers, lyricists and singers like:  Jovita Fuentes (Ay Kalisud), Gregorio Labja (Usahay), Ben Zubiri (Matud Nila), Manuel Velez and Jose Galicano (Sa Kabukiran), Maning Villareal (Kahibulongan), Manuel P. Velez (Rosas Pandan).

The finale of the program, which will be participated by the entire cast, is the singing of Kasadya Ning Taknaa, an original Bisaya Christmas carol that was adapted in Tagalog as Ang Pasko ay Sumapit.

For tickets call CCP Box Office, with telephone nos. 832-3704 and 832-1125 local 1409.