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Brickman dedicates a song to the Philippines

By Nickie Wang

Jim Brickman 1For the modern-day Filipino language, “Noche Pacifica” does not sound very local. But nobody could dismiss the idea that it is still very Filipino in a sense that even average people can understand the meaning of it and sure American pianist Jim Brickman couldn’t think of any other phrase to describe his impression of the country.

“Noche Pacifica” is one of the title tracks included in Jim Brickman’s latest work entitled Beautiful World, an album for Universal Records.

According to the American pianist, the song “Noche Pacifica” (Peaceful Night) is inspired by his visit in the country five years ago. While touring the Philippines, he was comforted by the distinct Filipino hospitality offered in a cruise ship that took him to Cebu, Palawan and Boracay. Continue reading