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Cinemalaya: The Animals: a peek into the life of affluent teens

Set in an affluent, upper middle class village in the suburbs, “The Animals” chronicles a day in the life of Jake, Trina, and Alex, who go through the musings that every kid in high school has to deal with. All Jake wants to do is have a good time, Alex just wants to fit in, and Trina simply wants more. Continue reading

Is it the end of Andi Eigenmann’s career?

by Nickie Wang

Without referring to statistics, we all know that thousands of young Filipino women get pregnant each year, but they don’t get the same hype as Andi Eigenmann. It’s not that her pregnancy is an immaculate conception, it is just that everybody is surprised and intrigued at the same time even if we are in a society in which unwanted pregnancy is common. Continue reading