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Rock meets orchestra at ‘#LifeRocksPH’

HOW many times do you see a fusion of rock and classical music on stage?

Indeed, you are in for a musical treat when elements of classical music are integrated into rock music or vice versa. This musical approach takes both old and modern audiences to a whole new level of musical orientation, not to mention enhancing their musical experience.

At a very rare occasion, former Sugarfree frontman Ebe Dancel, Wolfgang vocalist Basti Artadi, and top acts Sandwich and Radioactive Sago Project performed onstage with the the Manila Symphony Orchestra.

(From top, clockwise) Marc Abaya’s Kjwan, Razorback, Basti Artardi, Radioactive Sago Project, Imago, and Sandwich


Entitled Life Rocks, the musical event held on Oct. 23 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Pasay City also featured Razorback, Tres Marias, Imago, Kjwan, and Megan Aguilar. It was a two-and-a-half hour musical treat for both rock and classical music enthusiasts including those who appreciate contemporary collaborations.

With Diwa de Leon as the musical director, familiar OPM songs like Imago’s “Sundo” and “Akap” were rearranged for the orchestra. As evident in the show, it also endeavored experimenting and bringing new music to a broad and varied audience.

“We intend to do this annually. In fact we are already planning to have the next leg of this concert series in December and another one in March,” Yana Acosta, concert producer, told the Standard Today during the event’s press conference.

A concert for a cause

The concert, which was organized by AVA Prime and Philippine Life Insurance Association, aims to help and contribute to the continuing efforts in rebuilding the lives of our incapacitated brothers and sisters across the Philippines.

Proceeds shall be for the scholarship of those who have been orphaned by the recent calamities that ravaged the country. The selection process shall be via the institutional partnership with Museo Pambata and the scholarship program of the Manila Symphony Orchestra.

“We intend to supply their education until college,” Acosta revealed and added, “We are trying to save the lives of the children incapacitated by calamities through this rock concert.”

Acosta made it clear that even if the concert is a benefit event, the artists who performed did not do it pro bono.

“We are the one that invited them and we respect their talent and artistry. Considering that these artists will also appear in the next legs of the concert series, they must be paid,” Acosta affirmed.

According to the concert producer, Life Rocks is the first of many events that comprises the launch and advocacy of the upcoming music lifestyle show, The Lineup, which begins airing in November on TV 5. It is in the same program where the beneficiaries of the scholarship program will be featured. A documentary will follow the stories of the beneficiaries for a year.

Red Hot Chili Peppers headlines 7107 music fest

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Legendary band Red Hot Chili Peppers headlines the 7107 International Music Festival, a two-day concert destination hosting the world’s most beloved and influential musical acts. Continue reading

Nicki Minaj paints MOA Arena pink

OVER 12000 fans flocked to the SM Mall of Asia Arena on July 11 to watch rap superstar Nicki Minaj in her only Southeast Asian pit stop of the Pink Friday Concert Tour. Continue reading

Rendezvous of Original Pinoy Music icons

If loud cheers and applause were the only gauge of someone’s popularity, then it is safe to say that Dulce and Piolo Pascual were the most popular Original Pinoy Music singers that performed on June 16 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Continue reading

Concert acts to dazzle Manila in 2012

Dear concertgoers:

Here is the list of upcoming concerts and other performing acts  (local and foreign) that will rock Manila’s concert circuit in the second half of 2012: Continue reading

Justin Bieber vs Mr. Big: A battle between bubblegum pop and metal-edge rock

by Nickie Wang

Two huge concerts were successfully staged last Tuesday night, one featured a bubblegum pop superstar and the other one, a prominent act among metal-edge rock aficionados. Though they are from strictly two different genres, it is still interesting to ask which music event fans supported. Continue reading

Look who wants to go back to the Philippines

By Nickie Wang

The country is not just a friendly place for foreign music artists; it’s also a lucrative venue for their concerts and performances because more often then not, they are always sold out.

Although most of foreign musician will not admit this fact and will just reason out that they love the Philippines because of the hospitable people and fine white beaches, we cannot deny the fact that performing in jam-packed arenas is one big factor that entices them to come back to our shores. Continue reading

Deftones: The old school still in fine form

by Nickie Wang

A quick search on Wikipedia or Google will give you a list of all the achievements and career highlights of Deftones, an American alternative metal band from Sacremento, California.  But to actually hear it from the band gives us a better understanding why and how after 23 long years, Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter, Chi Cheng, Frank Delgado, and Abe Cunningham have remained together and still active in recording and touring the world. Continue reading

Piolo Pascual’s colorful Valentine

After Piolo admitted that he and KC Concepcion are already been a couple since October last year, people wonder no more on how the actor would celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

But then again, Piolo chose to spend the Valentine’s Day with his fans, probably he and KC celebrated it in advance. Anyway, here are some snaps of the concert entitled “Piolo Meets the Maestro Ryan Cayabyab- Love Songs and the Heartthrob.” According to Mr. C, Piolo has improved by leaps and bounds through hard work. Indeed, his vocals was a pleasant surprise. Continue reading

Janet Jackson dedicates a song to the Philippines

American pop star Janet Jackson dedicated the song Go Deep to the Philippines during the successful concert on Feb. 4 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Plenary Hall . Continue reading

ZsaZsa Zaturnnah: gayest musical in town

by Nickie Wang

A mysterious stone falls from the heavens granting Ada, a quaint beauty salon owner, the ability to transform into ZsaZsa Zaturnnah, a superhuman warrior endowed with uncanny strength and remarkable beauty. As she fearlessly defends a small town from power-tripping planet women, a giant frog and rampaging zombies, she finds her true calling and concedes to destiny. Continue reading

Movies you loved but snubbed

by Nickie Wang

A swarm of local films hit all movie theaters last month due to the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. That gave us an additional eight mainstream movies and five additional independent films to the 74 full-length features previously released in 2010. Twelve of these 87 movie titles now are from Star Cinema and 58 of them are independently-produced. Continue reading


Tick the boxes on your Christmas wish list with Eastwood’s wonderful roster of holiday events kicking off this weekend.

Music lovers will surely be delighted with the concerts all lined up. Eastwood’s Christmas Chorale Series at the Eastwood Mall Atrium kicks off on Friday, December 3, with the Faith Academy Choir singing to well-loved Christmas carols. Chorale Concerts continues every Friday and Saturday of December. Continue reading

Intoxicating Gin Blossoms

by Nickie Wang

American band Gin Blossoms was the anti-thesis of the loud genre that was dominating the music scene when the band started making records in the early and mid ‘90s. Nevertheless, its guitar-driven melodic pop-rock music produced hits that, surprisingly, can make you sing along unconsciously.

The band released three albums and had several hits in the mid ‘90s, before breaking up in 1997. Five years later in 2002, the band reunited, released a DVD, resumed touring, and promised a fourth album, which most of its greatly anticipated. Continue reading

The John Mayer experience

by Nickie Wang

It took more than six years for me to finally see John Mayer live in concert after buying his record in a Virgin Megastore in Abu Dhabi Mall using my first pay cheque. In 2003 I bought Mayer’s Any Given Thursday live double disc album, which was recorded during a tour in Birmingham, Alabama.

I got hooked up with the album because of the finely-written lyrics and Mayer’s undeniably soothing vocals, not to mention the genius way the Grammy-winning song-writer strums his guitar. Songs like “No Such Thing,” “Message in a Bottle,” “Why Georgia,” “83 Medley” (a cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Let’s Hear it for the Boy”), and the anthemic “You’re Body is a Wonderland” became my instant favorites. Continue reading

Going with the Flo (Rida)

by Nickie Wang

Be it in the Philippines or in the Unites States or in any place in the world, the words celebrity and privacy are never associated with each other. So when hip-hop star Tramar Dillard a.k.a. Flo Rida gave Standard Today his personal mobile number, we asked: “Are you serious about it?”

“Of course! Everyone can reach me through (305) 528-2786. If they just want to say hello or if they need someone to talk to, I’m more than glad to accommodate their calls,” answered the 31-year-old rapper-singer in an exclusive interview. Continue reading

Get ready for musical tremors

by Nickie Wang

The Cultural Center of the Philippines brings together seven of the country’s finest symphony orchestras in a week-long rendezvous of exquisite music and extraordinary talents.

From Sept. 21 to 25, the country’s Mecca of culture and the arts hosts the first-ever National Orchestra Festival featuring more than a hundred musicians who are members of the FILharmoniKA, the Manila Symphony Orchestra, UP Orchestra, Angono Chamber Orchestra, the UST Symphony Orchestra, the PREDIS Chamber Orchestra, and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. Continue reading

Olivier Ochanine: New kid on the PPO block

by Nickie Wang

French-American conductor and music educator Olivier Ochanine has an impressive portfolio of work experience at a very young age. At 30, his resume boasts a number of achievements ranging from awards and recognitions to academic degrees in music education. But guess where this new kid on the block wants to perform:

“Given a chance, I would want to perform in places like schools, hospitals, jails and in some undeserved areas where music education is inaccessible, where performances staged by symphony orchestras like the PPO are not usually witnessed,” Ochanine poured his heart out in an interview with the Standard Today. Continue reading

Revitalizing classical concert scene

by Nickie Wang

There have been many misconceptions a propos classical music. Some say the form is reserved for the rich and upper class in society, and others say it is already dead.

A great number of people are inclined to patronizing only popular music, reason being, it is the main musical form that is available on the radeio. Little did they know, most musical forms including pop, are heavily influenced by classical music, which is the base foundation of any musical composition.

“Classical music is like a type of food. Some people didn’t have the chance to experience or taste it but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will not like it,” says Victor Coo, a virtuoso cellist. Continue reading

Gleeful Charice on music, places, and international stardom

by Nickie Wang

THE last time we had a chat with Charice was when in a press conference for a Valentine concert at the Philippine International Convention Center in February. Since then, the 18-year-old singer has been traveling to different cities around the globe, performing before big crowds and enthralling them with songs like “Note God” and her own rendition of power ballads originally sang by Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Continue reading