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Cinemalaya 2011: Eugene Domingo no longer a second best

by Nickie Wang

A comedy about misguided ambitions, the art of making art and the romantisizing of poverty, that is what Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank ia all about and these are the same reasons why the jurors at the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival chose the comedy feature as this year’s best full-length film, a misnomner, since it’s only a video.

Ang Babae sa Septic Tank was also the big winner in the annual indie film event that took place at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater on July 24. And the brightest star of the night was Eugene Domingo who won her first Best Actress award for the title role in the comedy feature. Continue reading

Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband are exclusively dating only

by Nickie Wang

In this day and age when young people can easy get a boyfriend or a girlfriend even just after a few encounters on social networking sites, it’s quite hard to believe that young star Angel Locsin and Philippine Azkals most identified member Phil Younghusband are just simply dating. Continue reading

John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo movie part 3

Any positive report about Sarah Geronimo is a beautiful music to the ears of Popsters, the official name of her fans club. And if the news that Sarah and John Lloyd Cruz movie were a song, it would have been a fast track ditty that calls for a celebration. Continue reading

Failed eruption: Abalos orders removal of Philippine Volcanoes’ tarps

People…are not talking about

Philippine Volcanoes

Just so you know, the country has a national team for the sport not known to every common folks. Yes, as already stated, its name is Philippine Volacanoes. The 7 members of the team, who are mostly half-blooded Pinoys, dropped their pants for the mass produced under garment only for one reason, that is to raise awareness about the sport. Continue reading

Win-win love affair for Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband

Have you seen the latest television commercial for the popular tuna brand? In the TVC it features Angel Locsin and Azkals striker Phil Younghusband smitten with each other while flaunting their great bodies by the poolside. Continue reading

Is it the end of Andi Eigenmann’s career?

by Nickie Wang

Without referring to statistics, we all know that thousands of young Filipino women get pregnant each year, but they don’t get the same hype as Andi Eigenmann. It’s not that her pregnancy is an immaculate conception, it is just that everybody is surprised and intrigued at the same time even if we are in a society in which unwanted pregnancy is common. Continue reading

Perfect dance from a dancer’s imperfections

by Nickie Wang

You have already seen the movements such as turned-in knees, sideways shuffling, and rolled shoulders in Beyoncé Knowle’s “Single Ladies” music video, which achieved great success and spawned numerous parodies from people all over the globe, including the wacky versions of Justin Timberlake and Joe Jonas.  Continue reading

Did Kim Chiu undergo breast augmentation procedure?

How can a girl so skinny like Kim Chiu have bosoms like that (see below image)? Television allowed us to witness how Kim blossomed from being a lass from the province into a fine young woman. That’s why when something changed in her appearance; people started asking if she did something to her body. Did she go under the knife or she is just using padded push-up bra to enhance the look of her breast?

Sitti embraces new sound

by Nickie Wang

Sitti Navarro is still the first name that comes into our head when we talk about Bossa Nova, but when she launched an album last week, the sultry singer surprised her fans for she seemed to have embraced a new sound.  Continue reading

Everybody lilly lilly likes Ryan Bang

After a number of consecutive hosting stints and TV appearances, in different shows on the Kapamilya network, Ryan Bang has already become one of the most loved and awaited young stars on Philippine television today. And now, he is indeed ready to completely break into the world of show business with the release of his self-titled album. Continue reading

Charice’s new single is another singer’s reject

by Nickie Wang

At last, Charice is going to sing an original song in the two-part season finale of the hit US series, Glee. The 19-year-old Filipino singer will perform “As Long as You’re There.” But this is not the reason why Chasters (the nickname of Charice’s fans) have been busy online defending their idol. Continue reading

Sarah Geronimo’s songs of heartaches

After one-and-a-half years since the release of the now multi-platinum record Music and Me, pop star and concert queen Sarah Geronimo is ready to deliver. She is finally back on the music scene with a more mature sound and a more personal CD.

Continue reading

Sarah and Gerald’s Catch Me…I’m in Love earns P15M on its 1st day

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s first movie team-up earned a whooping P15 million when it opened in more than 100 theaters yesterday. This was confirmed by Star Cinema Booking and Distribution earlier this afternoon.

Catch Me…I’m in Love revolves around a simple girl named Roxanne (Sarah), who was assigned to look after the president’s stubborn and troublemaker son played by Gerald. Continue reading

Kim Chiu: role model for today’s youths

by Nickie Wang

Some people say that celebrities are not more talented or sophisticated than the rest of us. In fact, most of them didn’t finish high school or college. Once they get a taste of the limelight they tend to forget the value of education. Why would someone waste time in school if he or she is bringing home big bucks anyway? Continue reading

Kapamilya stars dominate Google’s influential women list

by Nickie Wang

On the eve of Women’s Day celebration, Google Philippines released a list of 20 most influential women in the country, and majority of the names were from the Kapamilya network.

The list, which is based on the volume of search queries local Google received last year, named 11 Kapamilya stars. Continue reading

And the Oscar goes to…The King’s Speech

Low-budgeted The King’s Speech was the clear winner at the 83rd Academy Awards. The film directed by Tom Hooper nabbed four wins out of 12 nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actor for Colin Firth, and Best Director. It successfully repelled the challenge of its nearest rivals, True Grit, Inception and The Social Network.

The British drama, which follows King George VI’s efforts to overcome a stutter, had already proved the year’s surprise success story, earning upwards of $200m at the global box office. Continue reading

Sarah Geronimo finally breaks her silence

Peopleare talking about

Sarah Geronimo

The actress and concert queen is featured on the cover of Yes! magazine’s March issue. The teaser says that she finally breaks her silence and speaks about her failed affair with Rayver Cruz. She also pours her heart out on the recent spat between her and Christine Reyes. When the rift between her and Cristine hit all the major dailies and tabloids in December, the singer was the only person who kept her silence. She didn’t drop a word unlike Christine who flooded Twitter with her outbursts. People agree that there is a right time and a right place for everyone and everything. Sarah waited for that. Continue reading

After impressing Gaga, Maria Aragon meets DeGeneres

The local music circuit is full of activity and every concert venue, big and small, is being flocked by music aficionados. But this is not the biggest news on the music scene.

Our apologies to Sam Concepcion who opened the sold out concert of Taylor Swift last Saturday and to Christian Bautista whose Romance Revisited album has just been bestowed with a quadruple platinum award.

Yet, a 10-year-old kid tops all these buzz from the local showbiz circle. Lady Gaga personally invited her to be with her on stage in a concert in March in Toronto. Continue reading

Piolo Pascual’s colorful Valentine

After Piolo admitted that he and KC Concepcion are already been a couple since October last year, people wonder no more on how the actor would celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

But then again, Piolo chose to spend the Valentine’s Day with his fans, probably he and KC celebrated it in advance. Anyway, here are some snaps of the concert entitled “Piolo Meets the Maestro Ryan Cayabyab- Love Songs and the Heartthrob.” According to Mr. C, Piolo has improved by leaps and bounds through hard work. Indeed, his vocals was a pleasant surprise. Continue reading

Talk of the town: Rhian Ramos goes topless


…are talking about

Rhian Ramos

How to stand out among four leading ladies, how is she supposed to leave an unforgettable impression while being compared to the likes of Solenn Heussaf, Lovi Poe, and Eugene Domingo? Rhian is among the four leading ladies of Richard Gutierrez in a Valentine movie and she promises that everyone most especially men would leave the movie houses mesmerized by her. How? A little teaser – she’s going topless in one scene. Is the thought of it already sweltering hot? Indeed, it will make cold February feels like summer. Continue reading