People are talking about My Korean Jagiya

…are talking about

My Korean Jagiya

Despite the tough competition on primetime, the Heart Evangelista – Alexander Lee starrer remains the one to beat on its timeslot. Performing better than any other shows on GMA Network on primetime, My Korean Jagiya consistently outperforms its rival, which now resorts to social media to measure its performance. Obviously, viewers have an unending appetite for romance and comedy, and the show just got the right formula for it to get the audience hooked.

Alisah Bonaobra

Her determination and talent got her back to the popular talent show in the UK. After being eliminated in The X Factor U.K. more than once, entertainment sites in the UK called her the luckiest contestant ever because she’s back in the game as a wildcard. There’s no doubt that Alisah can sing really well, and we’re proud of her waving the country’s flag as she represents local talents on the global stage. We just hope she cuts all the drama since she’s not in the Philippines anymore where talent shows capitalize on a contestants’ backstory to gain sympathy votes from the audience.

Alessandra de Rossi

Declining an endorsement is something most celebrities wouldn’t do regardless of the contract price and the exposure they’d get. For Alessandra, any product or brand that she promotes is an extension of herself that’s why when a company offered to get her service for a multi-million endorsement, she turned her back on the deal because she didn’t believe in the brand.  Good thing though after closing her doors on the deal, she got another offer which is much bigger and doesn’t go against her values.


..are not talking about


Jessy Mendiola

She’s back on Instagram! That was the headline of a showbiz news site after the actress’s IG account had been inaccessible for almost a week. Her beau explained that Jessy’s account encountered some technical problems. Let’s pretend that we didn’t know that Jessy has been the subject of nasty tasks among netizens because of her behavior online and that we didn’t know that a person could actually temporarily deactivate his or her account.

Ruffa Mae Quinto

She’s glad she’s back in the limelight after taking some time off to take care of her firstborn. She even went from being a Kapuso to a Kapamilya saying that it was a decision tshe pondered on deeply for a long time . But does she’s still have space in her new network? Sure, she’s already part of Home Sweetie Home and we hope she’d succeed in bringing something new on the table. If only she’s still as relevant as she was 10 years ago, we would have been very excited about this career move.

Xander Ford

Showbiz is littered with novelties and people who bask in “instafame” who believe trending in social media a few times would get them to mainstream. Sadly for Xander, who knew all along that show business was a cruel world, his sudden emergence is nothing but a flash in the pan. Even without the video that captured him body shaming Kathryn Bernardo, people wouldn’t still consider him as a celebrity. Perhaps, instead of dwelling on the anti-bullying case he filed against the netizens who uploaded the viral video, he could also re-examine himself so he can identify the reason why he suddenly got banned from a major network and why nobody cares about him anymore.

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