People…are talking about: Maine Mendoza

People…are talking about

Maine Mendoza

The TV darling’s charisma seems to have never faded. Suddenly, she’s all over the place again. The entire AlDub Nation, consisted of millions of fans that rabidly follow her on TV and social media, has been having a Twitter party since early Saturday last week following the premiere of the movie made for television, Love is, to the launch of her already sold out autobiography, Yup, I am that girl. Indeed, she just keeps on surprising people, including those who aren’t converts yet.

Piolo Pascual

Despite his fame, wealth, and packed schedules, this benevolent actor likes to pay it forward by helping others – without making a big deal about it. We are all witness to Piolo’s philanthropic activities including his collaboration with big brands that support his foundation, Hebreo. This time, the actor extends his charitable efforts by donating P1 million to the rehabilitation of the war-torn Marawi. And for the record, he didn’t want this to reach the public. It was Robin Padilla who was so stoked for Piolo’s willingness to help his Muslim brothers.

Bea Binene

Probably unsatisfied with just appearing behind the camera, she also moves behind the scenes to promote environmental awareness. Little did many people know, the Kapuso star spends her free time out of town marveling at nature’s wonders. As a result, she even produced and starred in an advocacy film that tackles climate change. The film premiered last week at QCinema and instantly received positive reviews. You see, at young, Bea has already found her purpose in life.

People…are not talking about

Jake Zyrus

In a recent interview, the artist formerly known as Charice said that he and his mother are now okay and they already ironed things out. But his mother Raquel belied her “former daughter’s” claim. After washing dirty linen in public and almost calling his mother an abusive and irresponsible parent with the way he told his story in an episode of Maalala Mo Kaya, he expected his mother would understand his situation. Although people don’t know the entire truth, there’s something we are pretty certain about, that no matter how tough the situation is, you don’t do such thing to your mother.

Mocha Uson 

She detests people who share and propagate fake news especially on social media. She calls them many names and even tries to put them in a very bad light by telling her minions to troll up any person or organization that she believes are sources of fake news. The funny thing is, Mocha has victimized and misinformed a lot of people, not just once but so many times, when she shared unverified stories on her Facebook page. And she doesn’t show any sort of remorse for the blunders she commits. We’re very sorry, but we still have five years of our lives to endure this brick short of load.

Kim Chiu 

People got confused when she had a casual interview with Gretchen Ho recently. The latter asked about the state of her heart after being single for quite some time now. Kim responded with rather puzzling answer by asking where she got the notion that she’s single. Good thing, Gretchen was clever enough to rephrase the question. Did Kim just put herself in a protective blanket on TV to conceal her being unable to stay in a stable relationship? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

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