People…are talking about: Seven Sundays

People…are talking about

Seven Sundays

Going by the numbers, the movie will have a good second week. In fact, the family drama has just joined the ranks of other Star Cinema films that breached the P100-million gross earning in less than one week. The movie, which features a star-studded cast, reminds us of the films that ABS-CBN’s production arm had produced in the previous decade. It’s rather a good thing, at least, that this generation has its own version of Tanging Yaman.

Julia Barretto

She never received any formal lessons in investing. She even relies on her mother to help her manage her own money. It’s true that she’s not a typical 20-year-old because Julia is now building her own house using the fruits of her hard work. The young actress obviously knows that success doesn’t last forever and this realistic assumption about future earnings is what separates her from all other celebrities who wind up losing everything. So, don’t wonder why she’s still being trolled for being wise on her money. Apparently, envy is a very potent word as it is a deadly disease.

Mark Neumann

The Fil-Croatian actor is currently dabbling between acting and hosting. He even feels that he’s been busy than ever before even without a management contract to secure his future in his showbiz. And he recognizes that. Mark is not picky when it comes to projects. He doesn’t care whether he’s just given a minor role for as long as he has work. We hope he continues this kind of attitude, we wouldn’t know, probably one day he’d get a chance to be in a lead role just like before in his previous networks.

People…are not talking about

Baron Geisler

Only a few weeks have passed when the actor claimed he’s already sober and in a better state he’s been in years. But the troubled actor was arrested after allegedly making a scene in a bar in Quezon City early this week. And you guessed it right. It’s all because of alcohol. This dude doesn’t really need another chance in showbiz, professional help is what he badly needs.

Matt Evans

After almost a decade of being a Star Magic talent, the former Pedro Penduko actor is now dancing to a different tune – change of loyalty. People were rather surprised seeing him in a talk show on GMA 7 as it was the first time he appeared on a different channel. They already saw it coming but they didn’t hear any negotiation, and there’s no haggling of contract, too. But of course, it only happens to important actors.

Xander Ford

So, social media’s favorite son is making rounds in different TV shows, including news oriented ones to talk about his transformation and how his life had a 360-degree turn after going through that much publicized transformation. While people see an entirely different person now, many feel that Xander is still the same Marlou Arizala who lacks the proper attitude to be in this business. And no amount of body scrub, whitening soap, beauty drops, and plastic surgery can change that.

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