People …are talking about Aga Muhlach

People …are talking about

Aga Muhlach

In a recent interview, the former matinee idol revealed that it has been a struggle to lose weight that’s why he had to turn down a few film projects. Not mincing his words, he admitted that it’s his problem and he feels he has a responsibility to look presentable before the camera. Yet, fans are still excited to see him in his comeback movie even if he’s not playing the lead because Aga, even at 48, can give any younger actor a run for his money with or without his bulging midsection.

Aljur Abrenica

Only a few stars would “jump ship” and yet still thankful for the kind of support they got from their former management. Take Aljur for example. This gesture makes him an exceptional actor because while he’s grateful for being a busy Kapamilya, at the same time, he recognizes Kapuso Network’s contribution in his still burgeoning television career.

Alisah Bonaobra 

Her X Factor UK journey continues as she secured a spot in the Six Chair Challenge in the Girls category to be mentored by judge Sharon Osbourne. In the nerve-wracking and vocal chord-shattering segment of the show, the 22-year-old amateur singer said she wanted the judges to see that she deserves a spot in the competition. And she just did what she had to do singing as if it’s her last performance. We just hope she still has left a few cards in her bag for the next challenges.

People …are not talking about

Last Night 

It’s easy to detect whether a film is trying to be bold and creative or it’s just pretending to be something it isn’t. Even average viewers would easily notice that. That’s why people would have appreciated if the writer and director of the film just ate humble pie and admitted that their film isn’t the kind of film that the audience can appreciate. Not only it failed to tackle a very sensitive issue, it also failed to make any couple in the mood for love. For consolation, a recent study in the UK says intelligent people enjoy trashy films.

Joey de Leon

It’s hard to believe that at 70, the comedian and TV host didn’t have a slight idea of what depression is and what possible danger it can cause to someone suffering from it. So, it came as no surprise that the entire Internet exploded with hate comments criticizing Joey for being ignorant. But amid all the brouhaha, we were amazed that he was man enough to admit his blunder. While many people thought his apology as insincere, we couldn’t think of anything possible for him to do but to say sorry. It takes a lot of courage to do so, especially at his age and in his stature in show business.

Jake Zyrus

Here comes a new singer, who’s an entirely different person but whose talent still lives in the shadow of his former self. While Charice was already hard to market during her time, Jake is even much harder to sell specially that his voice resembles that of a boy in his adolescence. And did we mention that his coming out concert flopped? Note, Music Museum only has 500 seating capacity, and there were lots of empty seats during the show. It seems nobody wanted to pay to hear her…rather him sing or even perform on stage. How do you solve a problem like Jake?

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