Zoren and Carmina satisfied with their twins

The Legaspi family is one celebrity family we just can’t keep our eyes off. Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel spawned not only good-looking twins, but also young achievers, smart, talented and active. 

The Legaspi family recently met with members of entertainment press in Taguig City, where the four appeared flawless as usual. Zoren and Carmina were in their smart casual outfits while the twins Mavy and Cassy were in jeans and matching white sneakers.

The amiable bunch was out to make another announcement, an endorsement that would add to the long list of products and services they, as a family, collectively promote.

Stoked with their presence, a few scribes teased the couple why they didn’t decide to have more kids since it’s obvious that they make good-looking babies.

“It’s kind of late to have more children now and they (the twins) don’t like to have siblings anyway,” Carmina shared and quipped that she’s already good with taking care of pets rather than having more children.

The actress and TV host then turned to Mavy and Cassy and asked them why they didn’t want to have another addition to their family. Both said their very satisfied with one another.

THE LEGASPIS. (From left) Cassy, Zoren, Carmina and Mavy are all smiles when they were introduced as brand ambassadors of the competitive pharmacy and convenient store, CitiDrug

“Before I wanted to have a baby brother or baby sister, but now I no longer want to have another sibling. Not for some selfish reason but I’m quite satisfied with my sister,” Mavy said while Cassy nodded to express her approval.

Zoren, on the other hand, conveyed that parental responsibilities can become increasingly challenging especially now that the twins are now 16 and have become very opinionated.

“It’s actually harder to take care of teenagers because this phase of their lives is a different chapter. How we tackle our problems is more psychological because we have to know where they are coming from,” the actor related.

He added that it’s inevitable for them to have arguments at times but they still observe the value of respect.

“We don’t want them to just say ‘yes, yes.’ We want them to also think because that’s how they would deal with other people when they’re outside,” Zoren explained.

The 45-year-old actor said that as parents they raised their kids to express their opinions because they didn’t want them to just accept any idea without knowing the reason behind it.  And Zoren and Carmina couldn’t be any less content on how their kids have grown and matured while still being understanding and obedient.

“We’re very grateful that our kids, Cassy and Mavy, are mababait and very obedient. We really don’t have any issues or problem with these kids. But when you say na perfect and ideal kami, we also go through the same problems. Pero we don’t make it public. Everything is settled privately,” Carmina shared.

Perhaps their being a perfect example of caring and nurturing family is the main reason why numerous brands trust them as celebrity ambassadors. For instance, CitiDrug executives recognize the Legaspi family for being strong and united because these characteristics match how their brand wanted to position itself.

As a competitive generics and branded medicines pharmacy with added convenience of food and bills payment services, CitiDrug believes that the showbiz family best exemplifies the core values set by their company.

Meanwhile, the showbiz couple is grateful for this new opportunity to instill further health care awareness among the “Pamilyang Pilipino” as the CitiDrug slogan proudly says.

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