Rain to perform in Marawi benefit concert

Seven years since he headlined a concert with U-Kiss and Christian Bautista, K-Pop superstar Rain is returning to Manila to be part of Rise 2 Shine Benefit Concert on Nov. 3 at the Araneta Coliseum.

The concert is for the benefit of Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation and Ko-Ph World Foundation for Korean-Filipino children and families.

Also, the Rise 2 Shine Benefit Concert is for the victims of Marawi, a war-stricken city in the southern region where there has been an ongoing armed conflict between the Philippine government troops and affiliated militants of the ISIS.

Hallyu star Rain is headlining a benefit concert along with some local music stars 

The Hallyu star will be joined by local acts including Sam Concepcion, Val John, Kris Lawrence, Jay-R, Isabelle De Leon, Dasuri Choi, Salbakuta, Jin Ho Bae, Krissha Viaje, and Cursebox, for a night of festivities and charitable giving.

Filipinos first saw the K-Pop idol as Justin in the Philippine airing of the KBS’s drama Full House in 2004. The drama was immensely popular in the archipelago, reaching a peak viewership rating of over 42 percent. In 2009, a local TV network even remade the romantic-comedy drama.

In 2008, Rain (or Jung Ji-hoon in real life) made his Hollywood debut in the film Speed Racer and starred in Ninja Assassin (2009), the latter of which made him the first Korean to win an MTV award. Then in 2015, Rain set up his own agency, R.A.I.N. Company, which along with “Gangnam Style” singer Psy, produced his latest single, “The Best Present.”

The actor and singer performing onstage during a recent concert

His last album was “Rain Effect” released in January 2014 that contained 10 tracks including the lead songs “30 Sexy” and “La Song.”

The singer and actor is returning to TV reality show as host of The Unit, an idol rebooting project similar to Produce 101, which will air starting on Oct. 28. He is also expecting his first child Kim Tae Hee, whom he married in Seoul early this year.

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