EYE CANDY: What You Need to Know about #DonnyPangilinan

He has the looks everybody is raving about. From his charming smile to his boy-next-door looks, Donny Pangilinan easily sneaked his way to his fangirls’ hearts.

Born as Donato Antonio L. Pangilinan, Donny started as an Instagram celebrity where he shared his passion for fashion, travel, music and sport through his photographs. The 19-year-old son of former actress Maricel Laxa and TV host Anthony Pangilinan stole the attention of netizens with his wacky personality and artsy Instagram feed. His photos are a mix of his OOTDs, travel destinations and concerts he went to. He also shares snippets of his everyday life such as song covers with his sister Hannah and photos of his family.

DONNYFIED. Showbiz scion Donny Pangilinan is slowly making a name for himself as he dabbles between his music and hosting career.

But beyond his physique and charisma, the rising star is slowly making a name for himself in the industry. Just recently, he dropped his debut single “Did You?” produced by Universal Records. He maneuvers to the music scene and is currently posing as the newest VJ for music channel, Myx. He shared that his song is the kind of music that can make listeners feel both happy and sad due to its lyrics and upbeat rhythm.

Before entering show business, Donny is a regular teenager who enjoys doing mundane activities. He played as small forward in his alma mater Brent International School. He also has an affinity for triathlon, water sport, and horseback riding.

Growing up, his parents never expected him to have an interest in being a celebrity. He was diagnosed “slow to warm up, shy child,” which means he feels uneasy in new situations with unfamiliar people. That’s why it came out as a surprise when Donny told them about his intention to be in showbiz. Still, his parents supported him all the way.

Donny Pangilinan shirtless

He made his debut appearance in the national television in 2016 when he guested alongside his mom in the morning talk show Magandang Buhay and since then he never left the limelight.

Fiercer and bolder, Donny is more than ready to conquer greater heights and reach out for his dreams.

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