People…are talking about Morrisette Amon

Morrisette Amon

By the time you finished reading this item, her video on YouTube would have already attracted more than a million viewers. On Sunday, her performance in Asia Song Festival in Busan, South Korea was uploaded on the popular video-sharing site. The clip instantly became the most popular video on YouTube Philippines mainly because of two things: Morrisette made Filipinos proud; and because there’s no other young local diva who can match her vocal knack. As you all know, Pinoy music fans have high regards for singers who seem to have incredible vocal pipes.

Lance Busa

When one door closes, another door opens. It’s a cliché but no other adage can describe Lance’s victory in the reality search, Bolt of Talent. In 2015, he failed to be part of the group Top One Project, the five-piece boy band GMA Network formed in that year. Now, Lance is set to go on concert tour together with the legendary singer Michael Bolton after he won the talent search that aimed to discover exceptional young singers in the region. That opportunity is much better than an exposure in all the local talent reality shows combined.

A Love To Last

People say, millennial romance is the biggest fad on TV right now, but with the phenomenal success of the heartfelt pairing of the lead cast, they might need to reconsider the fact that not everything “fresh” is palatable to everyone’s taste. The series’ final episode that aired last Friday registered an AGB Nielsen rating of 9.2 percent, which is almost 3 points higher than its direct rival. Most definitely, the audience saw something beyond the cast’s believable acting that made them fall in love with the show from its premiere telecast to its finale. Don’t you wish same thing could be said of the primetime shows on the other station?

People…are not talking about


We just hope you can still recall this teen flick that enjoyed a massive support from Viva. Even the big bosses of the entertainment company touted the love team starring in the movie the next to follow in the footsteps of JaDine. But a few weeks since the rom-com debuted on the big screen, we haven’t heard of anything about it. Not only it was pulled out in major cinemas too quickly, even movie critics didn’t bother writing a review. We can hardly call it a flop, disaster is the most appropriate word to describe its performance. Perhaps JulianElla should just stick to making viral dance videos. It’s the only thing that makes them relevant anyway.

Marian Rivera

People are asking: Can we still call the Kapuso star the “Primetime Queen”? Of course GMA Network executives will give you an affirmative answer. But the viewers, who mostly depend on the ratings data to know if the series is doing well, might convince the network to just stop appending the moniker to Marian. She ruled primetime TV during her MariMar and Darna days. But things have changed; her star can no longer lure viewers. Look at her TV comeback project, Super Ma’am. Do we need enough proof to say she has ceased to be queen, well, more so, at GMA Network?


We are fielding another indie film that will attempt to be shortlisted in the prestigious Best Foreign Language Film category in the Oscars. Every year is like déjà vu. We’re just sending a weak entry and yet we hope for a better outcome. More than selecting a film that revolves around a universal theme, they should also consider that artistic merit of the entry. Apparently, no one in the selection panel knows what kind of foreign language film is really looking for amid making numerous attempts for several years now.

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