Eye candy: Rising heartthrob Santino Rosales

You’ve already seen him on your Instagram feed, and most likely you were curious when you his billboard on Edsa together with his father promoting a remittance company. He’s even joined his popular celebrity father in a few out-of-town gigs. 

With his charming looks and head-turning stature, Santino Rosales is definitely a perfect material for a leading man. But despite his star qualities, the 17-year-old son of award-winning actor Jericho Rosales and former model Kai Palomares seems to be heading in a different direction, at least for now.

“I am never going into showbiz. I’m not into it. It’s not for me. I am not going to take a job that I don’t love doing,” the lad said in previous interview.

Celebrity scion Santino Rosales could be following in his dad’s footsteps as he enters the world of fashion, but the young heartthrob insists that showbiz is not for him.

Instead of dabbling immediately in showbiz, like most of showbiz scions do, he focuses on three things: school, modeling, and football.

The 6-footer teenager began stirring up the fashion industry after walking the runway for Ayala Style Origins: Emoticonic fashion show, under the fresh batch of faces presented by Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP).  He also narrated that his mother, who is a former model herself, inspired him to join the industry.

Talking to a few members of the press recently, Saint (his nickname) said that after knowing details from his mom, he found modeling as “very presentable and classy.” Hence, he immediately accepted modeling offers and even became a Candy cutie way back 2016.

SPITTING IMAGE. Just like his father, Jericho Rosales, Santino can just easily penetrate showbiz with his feature alone

Education is also something that he prioritizes. He is currently studying at Collegio de San Agustin where he is currently in Senior High school. He plans to go to either De La Salle or Ateneo de Manila University for college and envisions himself as an entrepreneur. He even revealed details of a business venture that he wants to try with a friend — a shop wherein old car parts are turned into furniture.

Aside from modeling, sport is one thing that keeps him busy. Saint plays football for two different teams; one of them is the Makati-based professional team Kaya Futbol Club 17 and his school’s team, the other. He began professional training with Kaya FC and shared that he ultimately dreams of playing for his favorite team, Real Madrid.

Life, for Saint, may sound like something out of a fairytale but he revealed that he has his fair share of letdowns. He voiced out that he had experience failure more than once. But instead of pulling him downwards, he utilized this experience to fuel him to work harder and persevere even more.

 Santino Rosales finds modeling very classy

Entering the fashion industry was never easy for the young celebrity kid. Like any other aspirants, he had to wait for opportunities. And opportunities were limited. His audition to his school’s football club was no joke either; he was rejected too many times before finally being admitted into the team. Joining both Kaya FC and PMAP, for him, was a God-given gift so he can enhance his skill.

Despite the lush background, Saint is a man of values. Humility, according to him, is one of the traits a person should have. He acknowledges the privileges that he has but never forgets that keeping his feet on the ground is one essential belief.

“My mother and father give me their full support in whatever plan I have, and they would always remind him to be humble,” he said.

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