People…are talking about: John Lloyd Cruz

John Lloyd Cruz

There have been ugly talks surrounding the viral videos featuring the Kapamilya actor and they are not showing any signs of dying down, at least in the next couple of days. It’s just really hard to understand why some people call the videos disturbing. Don’t we all get drunk and act the same way or even worse? First of all, Lloydie is neither a teenager nor a saint. He’s a human being who gets drunk and acts foolishly when under the influence of alcohol just like anybody else. The problem in this society, a lot of hypocrites hide behind their computers and mobile devices and pretend to be decent. 

Matthias Rhoads

He got bashed for posting a photo of him together with Marian Rivera. Trolls were quick to label him as “user-friendly” for tagging the Kapuso primetime queen in his social media post. It’s true that he’s a virtually an unknown talent compared to his co-star but given the fact that he’s been cast alongside bigger names means he’s got what it takes to be a big star in showbiz, too. And the fact that brainless fans keep on trolling him around social media means he already got their complete attention.

Angel Locsin 

Fans of Kathryn Bernardo were threatened with the return of the Imortal actress to the top-rating primetine fantasy, La Luna Sangre. Angel got trolled by KathNiel fans when her Twitter-trending comeback to the weeknight drama as Jacinta Magsaysay drew positive feedback. The episode where Angel reappeared even registered higher viewership as it jumped five points higher than its average rating. Maybe that’s the reason why Kathryn’s fans were bothered. They couldn’t accept that an older actress was able to boost the series in which their idol is supposed to be the star.

People…are not talking about

The Promise of Forever

How did the Paulo Avelino and Ritz Azul-starrer drama fare in the ratings game? The Kapamilya execs wouldn’t really want to know. The afternoon soap billed as one of ABS-CBN’s most expensive TV projects to date registered a 5.5 percent rating based on the data gathered by AGB Neilsen. We have to note that the series’ predecessor also averaged around 5 percent, too, but that’s nothing to celebrate about. On primetime, using the same measurement by AGB Nielsen, Kapamilya dramas topple its competition by a wide margin. Why can’t it happen in the afternoon block? Doesn’t The Promise of Forever have enough appeal to lure more viewers?

Maria Sofia Love

Who is? Her “rampa para sa ekonomiya” posts on social media went viral in 2015. And because of these videos, she was even featured in magazine shows on TV. Meanwhile, the LA-based transsexual uploaded another video, this time lewdly dancing to “Lupang Hinirang,” obviously maligning the national anthem. People were disgusted by the fame whore’s post and immediately called the attention of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines to investigate the matter. They actually don’t mind if Maria’s passport gets cancelled because it’s clear that Internet personalities like her need to be educated apart from giving them a lesson.

Sharon Cuneta

Did you know what happened to her first Cinemalaya outing? It was a flopperoo! The film Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha didn’t win any award during the awards night. And when it had its commercial release last week, it was pulled out of the movie theaters quickly. So what’s wrong with film? Was it the director, the story itself, or the cast members? In a star driven industry, no matter how awful the film is, it can still be salvaged by the lead cast. Apparently, it didn’t happen. Hence, the answer to the question is very clear.

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