People…are talking about #AldenRichards


His portrayal of Bonifacio Ilagan in Alaala, a Martial Law Special on GMA 7, has earned mixed reviews. Although the docudrama failed to win in the numbers game on Sunday, being one percent short in toppling Gandang Gabi Vice, Alden has received massive praises for his effective interpretation of the character. And of course, people will still find anything to criticize the actor and the docudrama, but at the end of the day, when you elicit mixed reactions, that’s when you succeed proving that you actually did a great job. 

Love You To The Stars and Back

It’s nice that local films are actually doing well at the tills. Take the Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto film, for example. The romantic movie made a killing at the box office during its first week. Now, according to Star Cinema, the film has already breached the P100 million-mark two weeks after its commercial release. The film is regarded for its unconventional story though still following the romcom formula. It’s safe to say that Love You To The Stars and Back has won not just the audience and also the critics for being a little different.

Empoy Marquez

The comedian is a classic example of an actor who didn’t need washboard abs like Piolo Pascual or the mestizo features of James Reid  to make it big in showbiz. Following the phenomenal success of the sleeper hit Kita Kita, Empoy Marquez bags another lead role in the upcoming comedy film, The Barker. And just when we thought he’s already reached his peak, the actor signed an exclusive contract with Star Cinema. You see, Empoy is definitely on a roll.

People…are not talking about

Mulawin vs Ravena

How did the finale episode of GMA-7’s Mulawin vs. Ravena fare in ratings game? Ask AGB Nielsen and it well tell you it didn’t do well, much more if you referred to Kantar Media’s national viewership data. Since its premiere that received lukewarm reception from the televiewers, the show had struggled to keep up with competition. And this struggle continued until its final episode. It only registered a TV rating of 8.9 percent or almost three points lower than its rival. The Kapuso bosses might be saying, “We shouldn’t have touched a classic!”

Maymay Entrata

She’s gone through quite the transition from a virtual nobody to a showbiz novelty. And we have to give it to her for immediately amassing a substantial amount of followers because it means people saw something in her that other showbiz newbies lack. But one thing we can hardly understand is how on earth can someone who’s not even able to hit proper notes sell records? Maymay’s debut album has been certified Platinum since its release in June. Does this mean a lot of people are still lured into buying trash?

I Can See Your Voice

The original version is still miles better and much more fun to watch even if viewers don’t understand what the hosts and contestants are talking about. Hence, it pains to see how the local version bastardized the show. While it’s easy to understand that not everyone has to be a comedian to make a show entertaining, there should be at least a conscious effort among the cast to act naturally for the sake of spontaneity. And no, Luis, people watched the premiere telecast not because they were interested in it. They just wanted to compare it with the original.

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