‘Ride N’ Seek’s’ Jaime Dempsey returns to the Philippines

Picture this – a California girl riding a big bike immersing in local culture and experiencing what even many locals have not experienced before. That’s Jaime Dempsey, the tattooed chick who wanders on to the edges of the map in search of big adventure while accelerating on her big bike.

Dempsey was in the Philippines in 2015 to feature the country, for the first time, in her travel show Ride N’ Seek on History Channel. Since then, the 37-year-old “darling of the riding community in the region,” has been visiting the country to do more episodes of her continuing adventures in this side of the world.

“The Philippines is very close to my heart. I love it here, that’s why I keep on coming back. And I’ll be featuring the Philippines again in my show’s latest season,” Dempsey told Manila Standard during the opening of the four-day History Con 2017, Manila’s biggest entertainment convention at the World Trade Centre Manila.

Blonde American biker Jaime Dempsey takes viewers along for the ride as she explores uncharted locations around the country

Known for exploring uncharted and intriguing locations, Ride N’ Seek trained the spotlight on the Philippines when its host and crew embarked on a four-week adventure in 2015 starting from up north then going down south, pretty much traversing Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

She interacted with locals and immersed herself in the country’s culture via an exploration of Mount Mayon’s lava trails. She played Juego de Anillo or Game of Rings, which required her to ride on horseback while holding a dagger as she tries to get rings off a pole. Then she dove into Verde Passage in Mindoro and got permanently inked by Kalinga’s Whang-Od, the nonagenarian tribal tattoo artist famous for her traditional hand-tapped tattooing.

“As you can see, these tattoos (showing off her sleeve tattoo on both arms) represent my life. A tiger for being fierce, phoenix for being reborn. Now, I’m planning to get another tattoo in Kalinga from a 94-year-old tattoo artist that executes traditional technique using thorns and bamboo sticks, which would remind me of my whole experience here in the Philippines,” she said in adding another tattoo on her heavily inked skin during our previous interview.

This time, Dempsey will be exploring Mindanao, Palawan, and Batanes. She could only divulge so much about the new season but promised that the show will still have the same feel just like the previous seasons.

“There are a lot of action, adventure, and history in the new season. We’re exploring new places. We’re into explaining the adventure and the history together. We do adventurous things but we find out about the place and the history of it while we’re doing it. It’s history and adventure all rolled up in one show,” she furthered.

Talking to the press during the media launch of History Con 2017, she said that the show is going to stick to its old formula but viewers are in for a treat for some unexpected and strange things she’s experienced doing the episodes.

“I usually do everything but there are times that I’m a bit more hesitant. There were some comic relief moments when they made me eat some really weird stuff,” she said.

Dempsey was referring to her experience when she did one episode in Palawan where she was asked to eat Tamilok, a shipworm pulled right out of a log.

“It’s nice to be thrown in situations you are least familiar with because it makes for interesting stories and memories. That’s the beauty of it. You head on an adventure not knowing what to expect. That’s the real essence of this travel show. It inspires people to venture out into the unknown,” she ended

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