Yassi Pressman rises up

Every given year, hundreds of fresh-faced hopefuls try their luck in local tinsel town dreaming of a break. Some of these faces will land coveted roles, and even go on to garner awards and nominations for their performances. And there are those who remain “just barely there.” Take Yassi Pressman for example. 

The 22-year-old Viva artist started in show business 10 years ago, and yet her biggest break came only now, at least based on how people react whenever they hear her name.

Yassi is now a household name, thanks to the primetime series that seems to have opened a lot of doors to the young star. She’s busy with projects and product endorsements more than ever.

In one of her showbiz engagements, when she was launched as the new face of Silka, we had the chance to sit down with Yassi and ask her about her revitalized career. She said she couldn’t be any happier and she would like to give credit to the unparalleled support of the people surrounding her.

SENSATIONAL CURVES. The free-spirited Yassi Pressman, who takes her father’s advice for any showbiz projects, believes his father wouldn’t mind if she goes a little daring.

“There were so many challenges in showbiz, even up to now. But you have to trust the people around you, and you also have to trust yourself. I’m just happy with the support system that I have at the moment especially with my Dad who’s my biggest influence,” Yassi told Manila Standard.

“I’m just so happy that I was given the opportunity to act alongside seasoned actors. I’ve learned so many things from them,” she furthered.

At the onset of our conversation, she said that she had little sleep prior to coming to the press launch due to long hours of taping. But she wasn’t complaining, she even jested, “ginusto ko ‘to.”

The multihypenate Kapamilya star seems to have come to prominence when she became part of the primetime series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Prior to that, people only know Yassi as a VJ, a beautiful young actress who can also sing and dance.  And probably the third wheel in JaDine love team.

Yassi in a new TVC for a beauty soap packed with enzymes for exfoliation and Vitamin E for moisturizing

“Well that’s how I really feel whenever I’m with JaDine,” she quipped.

Yassi used to be a support act for the powerhouse love team. She joined them in two block buster films namely Diary ng Panget and Talk Back and You’re Dead. Perhaps, her being the third wheel in JaDine prompted Viva to capitalize on it and turned it into a film.

“No it’s not like that,” she beamed, “In the movie I play the role of a girl named Trina who is a third wheel practically in every situation she’s in. Hence, the title Ang Pambansang Third Wheel.”

She added that since the film is still unfinished she can only give so much about the plot and how the story will unfold.

The movie, which also stars Sam Milby and Sam Pinto, is just one of the projects that keeps her busy these days. She said although acting is her main focus at the moment, she still wants to give some attention to her recording career that had to take a backseat as she can only handle so much on her plate.

“Right now I am more focused on my acting but given a chance, I would like to give more time on my music career. Kasi ‘yun talaga ang una kong passion na dati pangarap ko lang sa shower,” she concluded.

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