Viral ‘dadvertisements’ pay tribute to fathers #HappyFathersDay

Mass media has depicted our dads in many ways. Probably, being emotionless, indolent, and strict are the most famous clichés that put our fathers as the contravidas in many spots on TV. But for one day in a year, the industry collectively puts that caricature aside to embrace a different side of our tatays.

This year’s crop of Father’s Day ads goes straight to the heart, dispensing almost entirely with humor or even levity in favor of tear-jerking sentiment. In case you needed a reminding (to send a text message or a Facebook shoutout) of just how special your old man is, we present four “dadvertisement” that pull at our heartstrings and get us thinking about dear old dad.

SM Supermalls – Daddy’s Girl 

With over 7 million views on Facebook as of this writing, the ad by SM Supermalls for Father’s Day features the story of a father who seemed to be uninterested in helping his wife and daughter prepare for the young girl’s 18th birthday celebration. At the end of the video, the reason why her dad seems to be less affectionate is revealed – he is just very sad that his daughter is growing up too fast. The video already has more than 32,000 shares, and over 76,000 reactions proving that a lot of people, in one way or another, have somehow feel for the character.

San Miguel – Brown Belt Bag

San Miguel Pale Pilsen’s latest digital video pays tribute to all the fathers who continue to provide unconditional love and support to their families and children. The video features the feel-good story of a lovable tatay and the brown belt bag that seems to be permanently attached to his waist, whether he be at work, at home or even at formal gatherings. At the end of the clip, his son is heartbroken, and his way of consoling his young man is by giving him their favorite beer. He pulls out two cans of beer from his belt bag and started sharing funny stories with his son.

McDonald’s – #LoveKitaPa

On June 8, on McDonald’s Philippines official Facebook page, a clip that runs for 1 minute and 28 seconds was uploaded. The video shows different dads patiently waiting for their daughters and sons: at home while his kid goes out to party; in a department store coach while his family is doing shopping; in a parking lot while his daughter is attending JS prom; in a bus station while waiting for his son’s bus to arrive; and in the hospital outside the delivery room while waiting for the birth of his child. The emotion filled ad has been viewed more than 12 million times since its posting.

Jollibee – Powers

This Father’s Day, Jollibee showcases an ad called Powers, the latest addition to their hit Kwentong Jollibee series. The ad showcases a playful and creative take on a child’s perspective wherein dads are regarded as real-life superheroes. It tells the story of a young boy asked by his teacher on who his superhero is. The kid, who is mighty proud of his father, a utility worker in a BPO office, explains why his father is like a superhero and why he wanted to be like him when he grows up.

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