‘Mulawin vs Ravena’ is flying low

GMA Network’s “much anticipated” primetime series, the sequel to the fantasy drama Mulawin, which was televised in 2004, is a sick man that needs immediate medication. Like a flightless bird, Mulawin vs Ravena is just picking up some spillovers.

It’s been a week now since its premiere telecast, yet it’s unable take flight, when we talk about its performance in the numbers game. The Dennis Trillo and Heart Evangelista-starrer TV series debuted with viewership figures almost half of what its rival program registered.

The first episode, which saw the introduction of the story’s main characters, got a miserable 22.5 percent nationwide ratings according to Kantar Media, and 12.2 percent based on the ratings data released by AGB Nielsen. On the other hand, its direct rival FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, recorded national TV ratings of 41.1 percent and 12.7 percent from the same ratings providers.

TV ratings being a major component of the television industry, is very crucial. While it indicates the size of an audience for a specific program, it also serves as a guide for advertising placement, which can ultimately measure the financial success of a TV program.

In audience’s perspective, it’s easy to dispute TV ratings especially if they show completely different trend. However, that’s not the situation for the new primetime fantasy drama. Both AGB Nielsen and Kantar Media agree that Mulawin vs Ravena is not winning the hearts and attention of the viewers. In fact, its first episode’s ratings performance was already its best.

Lead cast members of the fantasy series “Mulawin vs Ravena”

Nevertheless, the network is still optimistic by keeping its hopes high. It even boasted that the fantasy drama trended on Twitter worldwide and the netizens were raving about it. But no one use social media, particularly Twitter, to measure the success of a daily TV series anymore. Though it’s a good indication that people are talking about the program, it’s not that reliable as compared to the science behind ratings data.

So, how do you solve a problem like Mulawin vs Ravena?

By all standards, Mulawin vs Ravena is a pretty decent television series. It’s actually better than some of the existing TV series airing on local channels now. Its picturesque locations give audience the idea that TV series has a budget. It’s got a stellar cast that people can easily fall for. The cinematography is stunning, the script is well thought out, and the action sequences aren’t that bad at all. However, didn’t they realize that they have just presented Encantadia, a TV series that follows the same realm and story?

The TV series that revolves around the story of the Sang‘gres had a remarkable run being a consistent top rater. But after Encantadia, people were expecting something fresh and different. But, with Mulawin vs Ravena, they expected to be served dessert after the main course only to be given another entré to stuff, by now, their full tummy. Had the network decided to show Mulawin vs Ravena sometime far from when Encantadio ruled the airwaves, the story of its ratings performance would have been different.

As a takeaway, not all sequels and prequels can have the same fate. One’s formula to success doesn’t always work for the other.

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