‘Goyo’ ready to take the lead

When Heneral Luna (2015) became a box office hit after running for eight consecutive weeks in commercial theaters, the producers of the historical movie announced that they were pushing through with the movie of Gregorio del Pilar with Paulo Avelino in the lead.

In October 2015, a photo of director Jerold Tarrog and Paulo (who also played Del Pilar in Heneral Luna), was posted on Heneral Luna’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Yet since then, we have not heard of any update regarding the movie’s production.

Paulo Avelino as Gregorio del Pilar (second from left) and Carlo Aquino as Vicente Enriquez (rightmost) with “Heneral Luna” crew members 

Early this week though, it was announced that the production of Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral will finally push through with several cast members of the Heneral Luna reprising their roles acting alongside notable additions.

According to the official Facebook pages of both Heneral Luna and Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral, returning cast members include Mon Confiado (Emilio Aguinaldo), Epy Quizon (Apolinario Mabini), Benjamin Alves (Manuel Quezon), Leo Martinez (Pedro Paterno), Carlo Aquino (Vicente Enriquez) and Arron Villaflor (as fictional journalist Joven Hernando), to name a few.

Produced by TBA Studios and Artikulo Uno Productions, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral is written by Rody Vera. The film will focus on the heroic struggle of the young General Gregorio del Pilar and the events that unfold soon after the bloody death of General Antonio Luna.

TEASING. Sans clothes or in uniform, Paulo Avelino makes all the girls swoon 

Gregorio del Pilar, also known as Goyo, is one of the youngest generals in the Philippine revolutionary Forces. He died in the ‘Battle of Tirad Pass’ where he was fighting against “Texas Regiment” and Infantry Regiment. At 24 years old, Del Pilar was the youngest general to die during the wars.

According the Heneral Luna’s producers, Goyo is part of a trilogy that honors the country’s lesser known heroes who in their own right deserve recognition for their bravery and remarkable deeds. Once they have the resources, Goyo will be followed by the final installment which will feature former president Manuel L. Quezon.

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