5 things to expect at Coldplay Manila tour

Due to high demand, additional 6,000 concert tickets were released by Music Management International (MMI), the promoter of British band Coldplay, who is making a stop in Manila for a one-night concert on Tuesday.

The concert is part of the Grammy winning band’s A Head Full of Dreams Tour that kicked off in La Plata, Argentina, on March 31 last year.

Now, before you brave the expected terrible traffic situation on Edsa on Tuesday, here’s a glimpse of what to expect during the Coldplay concert:

1. 35,000 euphoric fans

The MOA Concert Grounds has a capacity of around 30,000 to 80,000 people. After the release of 6,000 additional tickets, from the original 29,000, the concert venue will reverberate with 35,000 screaming fans. If you’ve been in a concert with that number of attendance, you know how a massive audience sounds like, and you know how difficult it’s going to be to look for a parking space or even hail a cab if you’re communicating to and from the venue.

2. Remarkably simple, pero rock

Fireworks and confetti cannons will be kept until the end of the show. That’s based on the previous legs of the much anticipated and much talked about concert tour. But also expect for some explosive numbers at the beginning of the show. And by explosive we mean literal explosion just like what happened in Melbourne when the concert stage was set ablaze to welcome the rock quartet.

3. Only the hits

The setlist of A Head Full of Dreams Tour touches on the early days of the band with “Yellow” from the first album Parachutes. The show will feature over 20 songs, many of which will be played differently from the recorded versions of the songs, usually combined with intros and outros from other tracks. Apart from the band’s own songs, covers are expected to be performed, with “Heroes” by David Bowie being a staple on the setlist in the previous shows. The concert will include the band’s biggest hits like “A Sky Full of Stars,” “Viva La Vida,” and “The Scientist.”

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin

4. The concert stage(s)

The tour is typically split into five parts; an introduction on the main A-stage; a performance on the B-stage; a second set on the A-stage; a set on the outward C-stage; and finally an encore on the A-stage. Songs played on the A-stage are accompanied by the show’s full laser light and pyrotechnic visuals, while performances on the B-stage are not accompanied by such, and songs played on the C-stage are strictly acoustic performances.

5. A big show from a big band

British rock quartet Coldplay is making a stop in Manila this Tuesday

Coldplay wasn’t called one of the biggest bands in the world for nothing. In the previous legs of A Head Full of Dreams Tour, Coldplay was able to make the show intimate amid entertaining 30,000 to 50,000 fans. It’s the band’s signature, and one has to personally experience it for him to understand how the band does it. The Manila leg is the tour’s 67th stop and will have 48 more stops thereafter. As of this writing, the band has already earned $250 million since the tour began.

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