Ellen Adarna opens up

 Perhaps the most interesting buzz in the country today is Ellen Adarna’s failed relationship with Presidential son, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte. For one, theirs is something that catches attention with people hearing a lot of different versions on why they didn’t end up together.

In an interview with Cosmo Magazine, the 28-year-old actress opened up about her breakup with the young Duterte. Although she did not elaborate why they headed for Splitsville, she maintained that she had some realizations so she decided to accept the fate of their relationship. They called it quits before Christmas last year.

While their relationship is over, Ellen still considers Baste as her best friend. And if the time comes she would be in another relationship, she will let people know.

 COSMO GIRL. Ellen Adarna confesses to Cosmo Magazine why she and Presidential son, Baste Duterte, headed for Splitsville. 

“My life is an open book. And if I have a love life, hindi ko naman itatago ‘yun. It’s something that should be celebrated. Love is a good thing,” she says.

Ellen earlier admitted that her breakup with Baste was a weird one. The latter just sent her a text message then they both decided to end it there. Ellen has since moved on yet still has an open communication with Baste, as what most showbiz folks would put it, “as friends.”

“We broke up several times, and then ‘yung final straw – ‘yung final breakup talaga na hindi kami nag-usap for maybe a month – ang dami kong realizations. Kung babalikan ko siya, makakatulog ba ako sa gabi nang maayos? I don’t want that. And I don’t deserve that kasi binibigay ko naman lahat ‘pag nagmahal ako,” she narrates.

Meanwhile, in an interview with News5, the young Duterte revealed that he and Ellen became an item and their affair overlapped with his relationship with current partner Kate Necesario, whom he’s been with for more than four years now.

In what appeared to be just a jest, Baste responded to the question as to how he and Ellen got into an intimate relationship despite having a steady partner, “Alam nilang dalawa eh. Pumayag naman sila, anong magagawa ko? (Both of them knew. What can I do if they both gave their consent).”

With her personal life now out in the open, Ellen is keener on discussing her affairs. She also discusses people’s misconception about her being “liberated.”

“The biggest misconception about me is that I’m promiscuous. I’m very free-spirited. People think that I just give it to random guys, but it’s something I only do with someone I have feelings for. When I date someone, sinasabi ko, if I’m drunk, we will not have sex. Only when we’re sober,” she reveals.

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